Why EA's Market Valuation Has Crashed

EA's market valuation is down 50 per cent since November. What's gone wrong?

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allyc4t2071d ago

Great article.

I think EA invested way too much into SWTOR. It didn't do nearly as well as they hoped it would.

chak_2071d ago

Yup, that's what happen when you let capitalist run a game industry.

I mean it's fine having business people in your company, but you shouldn't let them take decisions about games. They have no idea what it's all about.

They retained SWTOR pathes when they were done, thinking people's sub where infinite

xAlmostPro2071d ago

So many reasons, as a games company and publisher they just become worse and worse.

They've killed off and left smaller companies to die so they could create a quick cash-in which has annoyed fans of these companies annoyed.

They milk almost every franchise they own dry.

Then when they publish a fantastic game the fans were mostly happy about they drip it apart with DLC and 'cod like' premium services(yes, battlefield 3).

Then like @allyc4t mentioned they pretty much flopped SWTOR, mostly because they tried to make it as much of a WoW clone as possible.

It really is sad, so many developer companies dead, so many franchises turned sour.. They completely deserve it.

CAPSLOCKFURY2070d ago (Edited 2070d ago )

Please explain to me how a DLC bundle pack with a few little extras tacked onto it is anything like Elite. Oh wait, it's nothing like Elite.

v0rt3x2070d ago

I know why: Origin! It's the cause for everything bad!

Filthcardia2070d ago

While SWTOR was a massive project, I think investors emphasized its influence too much, although expectations were abnormally high. The outset looked great: reputative studio, established fanbase, solid IP, voice acting, and a massive budget. That first patch hindered the game more than people realize and 25% of the fanbase flocked to other titles.

The free-to-play model may actually work the same way it did for LOTRO, a game that saw profits triple in the first three months of going free-to-play. Fans will spend on aesthetics and customizable objects if given the chance, but spending $15 to play a game just doesn't hold ground anymore. World of Warcraft is only successful due to its longevity and fans knowing it's a reliable experience, but once the next expansion hits we'll see the last of pay-to-play.

Darth Stewie2070d ago

EA is down because of yearly releases and too much sequels.

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