Steam Weekend Deal 21/06/12 – 25/06/12

A list of all of the Steam deals over the coming weekend by Gamers Hideout Senior Editor, Ryan Archer

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StayStatic2042d ago

Deus Ex : HR what a game :D , the entire series + DLC for 75% off is a steal.

StayStatic2042d ago

... and yes i did ask for this , i would edit the previous comment but "Error Page
We are sorry but the server was not able to load the page you requested. " Strikes again =(

Kran2042d ago

Deus Ex: Human Revolution... £4.99 on steam... MUST.... RESIST... ALREADY... OWN.... ON 360..... ARGHHG....

Kran2042d ago


sorry what was that?

I coulda sworn you said both PC's and Consoles were good.

fermcr2042d ago

Dam... that's one hell of a deal.

Saviior952042d ago

I Really want it but i had many bad experiences with HR :)

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