Upcoming Multiplayer Games To Look Out For

MP1st - Multiplayer seems to be the latest craze in gaming. Games like Call of Duty or Battlefield depend on the very survival of it, and while those are currently the biggest multiplayer games out on the market (at least on console), I have decided to make a list of other multiplayer games that I think everyone should keep an eye on. These are titles that I am personally interested in so don’t be surprise if it’s missing a few big hitters.

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alien6262037d ago

Why is GTA v on the list and GOW. does game dont come out until maybe next year. i was expecting games in like 2 or 3 months

2037d ago
guitarded772037d ago

I'm enjoying the DUST 514 beta... definitely something to look forward to for fans of MAG. Plus it's free to play, so double bonus.

Ghost Recon Online is in beta too... also another multi-player game to look forward to which isn't on the list.

ISNeko2037d ago

I hope DUST will fill my MAG void.

allyc4t2037d ago

Planetside 2 is going to be awesome! Can't wait to get in the beta for that game.

Lord_Sloth2037d ago

I just want a new Monster Hunter to grace my PS3...