Wii U could come out as early as October

Nintendo says that the Wii U will come out during the holidays but that doesn't mean it has to be November or December.

Various games are listed for October release on the new system and Nintendo's own comment on what exactly dictates "the holidays" leaves open the possiblity for a release before Hall-O-Ween.

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Optical_Matrix1944d ago

My guess is that it releases in time for the launch of Assassin's Creed III which is probably one of if not the most important game so far announced for Wii U's launch. Reason being it'll test the waters on hardcore support and whether future big, core 3rd party titles are viable on the platform.

Personally while I'm getting a Wii U day one, I'm getting AC3 on PS3, like I did with AC2,ACB and ACR. And I'm sure millions more will do the same.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1944d ago

This would be a very shrewd play by Nintendo. They should not run the risk of letting the 3rd Party games they annaounce get played on other systems.

dirthurts1943d ago

Or, if you look at it this way, they are are fortunate third party developers are spending time and resources producing multi-platform games for their system.
Xbox and PS3 are definite sales, the Wii U have a 0 customer base right now.
It's smarter for developers to concentrate on xbox and ps3.

000011943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

it depends for me if the black Wii U model is available at launch time, because i want that version of the console.

tehpees31943d ago

If it comes out on the same day as AC3 then that beats black ops 2 to market. That would mean it would get call of duty day and date with the others. If its on there. But Activision loves money so its probably on there.

Lucretia1943d ago

hmm, judging from E3 and the early release, it seems there will be no exclusives this year for the wii-u and no reason to buy one.

here is to hoping for TGS and the next year

Sgt_Slaughter1943d ago

New SMB U is a launch exclusive, Pikman 3 could be out in 2012, ZombiU, Lego City, and a bunch of unannounced games to come.

Lucretia1943d ago

funny, i could swear that was coming on the 3ds.....hmmmm.

mike1up1943d ago

You are getting sloppy, better stick to those "the controller looks too heavy" arguments.

Project P100
Rayman Legends
New Super Mario Bros. U
Pikmin 3
Nintendo Land

None of those count as exclusives to you?

PopRocks3591943d ago

No exclusives...?

Kindly do your research sir. The Wii U actually has quite a few exclusives within its launch window.

hardandsloppy1943d ago

Ya but launch window is a large amount of time. Remember Sony said Gravity Rush and Resistance: Burning Skies are launch titles. They took almost four months to come out. They are great though, especially Gravity Rush!!

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The story is too old to be commented.