GTA 5 killers? Four games Rockstar needs to worry about

OXM UK: "Rockstar must be feeling fairly pleased about reaction to that Grand Theft Auto 5 trailer, first aired way back in November 2011. Since then, the internet has spawned approximately five gazillion "things you need to know" pieces, eleventeen trillion hazy analyst quotes as to GTA 5's release date, at least one "GTA 5 review" (Google it) and enough info-leaks to drain the Atlantic. All this from a minute and a half's worth of footage which doesn't even get round to naming the main character. There's hype, and then there's Grand Theft Auto.

There are disadvantages to keeping your cards close to your chest, however - other, similarly-styled or structured games may step into the void, like enormous cuckoos carpet-bombing GTA's empty nest. Here are four upcoming games Rockstar should keep an eye on."

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LOGICWINS2128d ago

For anyone who is already planning on getting GTAV, NONE of the games on that list will stop them from getting GTAV. Thats makes no sense. Rockstar has to worry about Need for Speed: Most Wanted??? ROFL!

r1sh122128d ago

Lol...Very true.
How would rockstar worry about a racing game?
Im sure the driving/racing in GTA V will be better than the garbage EA has been putting out with the need for speed series.

The only game that may slightly dent sales for rockstar is call of duty, but that being said GTA is a cultural phenomenon, lets not forget when GTA IV released, it was the best selling game to that point in time.
Im not sure if it will beat the COD numbers, I hope it does.

Every game on that list will be lower down in my priority list (if I consider any of them) when GTA comes out.

MurDocINC2128d ago

If anything GTAV will improve thoes games' sales once we get sick of GTAV and still have a thirst for open world.

NCAzrael2128d ago

While I have been a loyal GTA fan since the original, I'm gonna have to call you out for being a bit too fanboyish in saying the driving/racing in GTA V will be better than the Need For Speed games. The vehicle handling in a GTA game has never been anything to brag about, while Criterion's first foray into the NFS franchise was a solid arcade racer.

That being said, GTA V will be a first day purchase for me, regardless of what else is out. I'll also be picking up Most Wanted, and from what I've seen so far, I'll probably be picking up Watch Dogs as well. Sleeping Dogs looks interesting, but I'll probably just rent it from Gamefly. As for Saint's Row, seeing how I returned SR3 the same day I got it in the mail, I'm not holding my breath on the 4th one being any better.

thorstein2128d ago

I will agree with that but point out that NFS: Most Wanted is being created by Criterion Games. Many people are viewing this as Burnout Paradise 2.

Not that that would detract me from GTAV (which I will own) but I will buy that NFS simply because of the amazing job Criterion does on these games.

EVILDEAD3602128d ago

LMAO @ OXM UK smoking SERIOUS amount of drugs..

This has to ba an April Fools joke..

Most Wanted vs. GTA V??? This guy has a job? Call me OXM...hahaha

Saints Row 4? Doesn't gets alot of love from Open World fans but let's put it into perspective..The last Saint's row is a free game on PSN+ 6 months later.

Sleeping Dogs..look even if this game overcomes it's True Crime past and is a pretty good game (which we have all been told) it still won't come CLOSE to pulling off what ANY GTA has..let alone FIVE..

No matter how much love the E3 trailer got, the game isn't even close to being released and after GTA V launches Watch dogs might end up pushing back to next gen.

At the end of the day, GTA V will be the game that influences most of those titles mentioned.

Watch what happens when that games' launch date is finally released..


Oh_Yeah2128d ago (Edited 2128d ago )

As much as I loved GTA since GTA 3, you have to admit, if Sleeping dogs delivers on all those innovations that they show in their gameplay previews its going to outdo anything GTA has ever done gameplay wise. Thats great though, having real competition can only make games better. Im alot more excited for Sleeping Dogs, because GTA has been more or less the same and i dont expect rockstar to veer off that path or make big improvements other than graphical. Im not a fanboy, I give credit where credit is due. Will Sleeping Dogs outsell GTA 5? no...will Sleeping Dogs have better gameplay? most likely.

guitarded772128d ago

GTA is in a league of its own. Simple as that. Doesn't matter what other devs do, GTA will sell millions.

ABizzel12127d ago

There's no such thing as a GTA killer. GTA has already established itself as the go to open world franchise.

Even if a game comes out that is similar, and even better than GTA it's not going to affect GTA sales, unless it's continually better each release, which is unlikely to happen.

The same goes for COD, Gran Turismo, etc...

ShinMaster2127d ago

It's like they can't enjoy other open world games or games in the crime genre in general, blindly calling everything a clone or rip-off, even though most of these games are not trying to accomplish the same things.


Sleeping Dogs IS NOT TRUE CRIME. Never was.
It's a new IP. Activision called it "True Crime" when they picked it up, but later dropped it and gained a title of its own. And again, as I've already stated above, these games are trying to do different things.

EVILDEAD3602127d ago (Edited 2127d ago )

'Sleeping Dogs IS NOT TRUE CRIME. Never was.
It's a new IP. Activision called it "True Crime" when they picked it up, but later dropped it and gained a title of its own' can you pretend it wasn't True Crime when it was originally True Crime: Hong Kong.

It will obviously be better, I just said it has to shake it's True Crime past..meaning we all still know what it was.

Ether way Rockstar isn't worried about these guys neither do they 'need' to.


r1sh122126d ago

I admit I am a GTA fanboy, but the driving in GTA IV was more 'realistic' than recent need for speeds.
GTA IV racing and driving was very good, and it got better with TBOGT and TLAD

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ATi_Elite2128d ago (Edited 2128d ago )

1. Sleeping Dogs: True Crime reborn, Meh! trailer looks like SD would make an Excellent action movie but just a Meh video game. It just comes off as a San Andreas clone which is a good thing but i want a San Andreas clone with GTAIV Icenhancer graphics. SD hopefully will deliver a good experience. Best of these 4.

2. Saints Row 4: THQ is on the verge of BANKRUPTCY so this is just a MONEY GRAB! SR:the 3 did well but just don't get suckered in to buying $60 DLC. SR4 may provide some value but it should be $15 DLC.

3. Watch Dogs: Still on the fence about this one. It just seemed way too scripted unlike the random chaos of GTA! It's Ubisoft so i tend to think they will screw it up more than make something awesome.

4. Need for Speed Wanted: Are you even serious! I'll just pretend this one isn't even on the list!

All in all Nothing short of a Nuclear War or an Asteroid hitting the Earth will stop Gamers from buying GTAV. We already have a Zombie outbreak and people are more interested in GTAV gameplay than all the inner body parts people have been finding on the streets.

GTAV = #1 priority over these titles

vortis2128d ago

WTF? Zombie outbreak? Where?

I need to buy a shotgun.

thorstein2128d ago

^^^ Indeed, the authorities keep calling it "Bath Salts" and the sheeple keep lapping up. You know there is a zombie apocalypse.
1) Zombie eats man's face in Miami (cop shoots him, he growls and goes right back to eating the guys face.)
2) Ophiocordyceps camponoti-balzani, if you have never heard of it, look up Zombie Ants
3) Nodding Disease (see the CDC)
If the "government" wanted you to know, they would have told you. Keep your loved ones close, your tin foil hats on your heads, and a crossbow handy!

Soldierone2127d ago

Disagree with Saints Row 4. 3 is awesome, not sure if I'd call it all around better than 2, but its fun and thats all I ask for. It for sure isn't "just DLC" though. If it is, then what do you call each GTA? Saints Row 4 will be sweet! Will it cause me to not buy the next GTA? nah, I'll buy both, but I'm not gonna be a GTA fanboy and miss out on a sweet game.

Watch Dogs I agree with too. It felt scripted to me, thats why I wasn't "blown away" by its presentation. I also agree its Ubisoft, so it will be hit or miss.

WeskerChildReborned2128d ago

I honestly think GTA is a big threat to COD

greenpowerz2128d ago (Edited 2128d ago )

More like the four games Rockstar will be flattered by. New religion vs the prominent ones. Big name and Reputation = auto win. The masters of this game type are dedicated to the genre and won't be beat by developers experimenting their new ventures in open world sandbox games.

Abdou232128d ago

Only Sleeping Dogs is a direct rival for GTA.And for GTA fans that's a good news they will get to play 2 great games instead of one.
And Most Wanted ?!!! because they both have driving ?!


don't hate on the developer of BURNOUT , they know how to make racing fun.

showtimefolks2128d ago

lol its GTA man no need to worry and its RS North so others have to worry. There will be few open world games that will also be good games and that's fine but that GTA itch can only be filled while playing GTA

Sleeping dogs is a very under the radar title if the story holds up everything else about the game all you hear are positive things so if the story is good a 8.5-9/10 could be possible

Saints row series is not competition after the mess SR3(IMO)was i am not buying most likely just renting. SR2 was crazy and over the top while it made some sense for SR3 they just went all crazy and after 6-8hrs in the game its same old same old formula. Now like i said that's just my opinion on SR 3

NFS most wanted really lol

watch dogs really while i loved every second of what i saw there is still a lot of unknown so don't compare an unknown to something that is a industry giant gta

Trenta272127d ago

Rockstar, a company who has yet to release a shitty game (I pretend Manhunt 2 doesn't exist) GTA V will blow everyone away, probably changing the world of sandbox games once again. While GTA IV wasn't liked by some, it did a lot of things right. I have faith the next will do the same.

SuperBeast8112127d ago

Dont forget about Rockstar games presents Table Tennis on the 360 lol but I agree GTAV will kill these games in sales

black9112127d ago

I'm gonna pass on GTAV after playing GTA4 unless the 360 version has 3 or more disc proving the game wasnt gimped down.

Lucretia2127d ago

i know im not gonna bother with gta5. the series has forgotten about its fun factor and has just gotten boring. I will stick with saints row 4 which is all about ridiculous fun.....

gone are the days of GTA where you could splat 10 elvis's in a row and use unique and awesome weapons

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NYC_Gamer2128d ago

R* doesn't need to worry because many people will buy GTA5 regardless of what's released

WeskerChildReborned2128d ago

GTA is just one of the most successful franchises and i'm pretty sure if someone had to choose between it and COD if it does come out this year, then GTA wins hands down.

Psychotica2128d ago

Only ones worried are those who can't afford more than one game or rely on mom & dad to buy them

greenpowerz2128d ago (Edited 2128d ago )

I'm guessing new to old families would be worried as well. People with a life, wife and multiple kids with bills might carefully chose what games they want to get, that will seem so similar to them.
I think you mean "mom & dad" and *most responsible adults in general * Young adults that only have responsibility to only themselves is who you speak for.
I guess in the end it depends if people have no real obligations or if they're lucky enough to sill be responsible and not have a spouse or girlfriend not tying to control finances

SuperBeast8112127d ago

So true bro I got a wife and four kids my days of buying every game that comes out is long gone now I am more picky about my full retail price releases

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