Metal Gear Solid 5: Isn't it time for something new from Kojima?

We don’t doubt the skill of the team at Kojima Productions to produce another amazing entry in the series, but it does beg the question of this aging franchise and the Japanese team in Tokyo: are we ever going to see Kojima Productions branch out and try something different?

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NYC_Gamer2097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )

I think it's about time for Kojima to stop being restricted to MGS and create a new franchise

LOGICWINS2097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )

I agree. I'd like Kojima to try something new. He obviously understands how to effectively create cinematic gaming experiences, but I'd like to see a new Kojima project that doesn't have a convoluted storyline that involves a cloned spy that kills Gundams for a living. Maybe something more realistic like Heavy Rain perhaps?

Outside_ofthe_Box2097d ago

Nice sly jab at Metal Gear Solid.

The only reason why I would want another MGS is to play as Solid Snake (Not Big Boss, Not Old Snake) in his prime once more. We only really got to fully do that in MGS1.

I do want Hideo Kojima to do something new, but not because the storyline is "convoluted" or because I'm tired of killing "gundams" (lol @ calling it gundams), but because it's just time for him to move past Metal Gear. He's been tied to the franchise for nearly his entire career.

It's time for him to make a new masterpiece.

-Mika-2097d ago

I hope Konami doesn't read your post. Kojima Made MGS. I can't see anyone else developing it. If there was some way he could constantly put out new mgs games on a constant basis while creating a new IP. Im pretty sure me and his other fans would love that but that not possible.

Blacktric2097d ago

"...but I'd like to see a new Kojima project that doesn't have a convoluted storyline that involves a cloned spy that kills Gundams for a living"

Oh, for the love of God...

Sevir2097d ago

There is NO need to continue diluting and adding to the MGS canon after MGS4! Let the legend lay his saga to rest peacefully and let him create and innovate once more. I'm tired of Fans pulling him back into the franchise when he clearly expresses how he'd like to step away and do something new and exciting! The MGS games have been well recieved Let him go work on something and let Konami put MGS into a vault and market something newer, and ultimately achieve the same legendary status of MGS.

Disccordia2097d ago

The MGS1 story was amazing back in the day but all these years on the bits that have been added have just made it stupid. We really don't need to revisit the past and mgs4 wrapped up the ending. I think all the games were fantastic but sometimes you need to stop when you're on top.

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WeskerChildReborned2097d ago

He said he cant cause people ask for more. I hope the fifth one is the last so Kojima can move on although i would miss it.

Nimblest-Assassin2097d ago

Watch All your history: Metal gear. Kojima has constantly tried to move away from Metal gear, but at no avail. Some fans even sent him death treats when he did not want to be involved with MGS4

LOGICWINS2097d ago

Death threats? Over a game? LMAO, thats really REALLY sad.

If Kojima has constantly tried to move away from Metal Gear, wouldn't that suggest that he doesn't have the passion for it anymore? And if thats the case, why the hell would MGS fans want a game from an unpassionate Kojima in the first place?

Nimblest-Assassin2097d ago


These are moments when I lose faith in gamers. Look at Bioware, after the ending of Mass Effect 3, people sent Casey Hudson death threats, and one even threatened to slit his sons throat. Look at Robert Bowling... need I say more.

These are the gamers that need to be castrated, and have their pc/ consoles shoved so far up their ass they will choke on them

VINNIEPAZ2097d ago

"Some fans even sent him death treats"

So you mean they would send something like an exploding Rice Krispy?

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MrGunny942097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )

MGS is a great franchise and it's like a son to Kojima.. It was in my childhood it the wrost moments and guided me thorough my life... The game box was there at the most important happy/sad moments in my life...

Metal Gear games always made me cry...

Of course Kojima can work on another things as well! he got ZOE and Project Ogre going can't wait to see what it goes out of this master mind

Oh_Yeah2097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )


you wouldnt happen to be one of those gamers sending kojima death threats would you? please stop making him continue, theres been enough mgs. i and many others would like to see something different from him. also metal gear revengence looks down right bad ass. im glad platinum games were handed the franchise to try something innovative and fun

Nitrowolf22097d ago

Get working on Zone of Enders 3!! Make some new master pieces, I want MGS still but would love to see where Kojima can take his ideas next.

paybackprahl2097d ago

Personally, I would love to see something new from Kojima. A new Metal Gear Solid game would be special, sure, but the main series 1-4 is a complete, no-frills saga the likes of which gaming has never seen. I'm of the mind that running the series into the ground might ruin the integrity of what's come before.

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