New Gran Turismo 5 DLC: Twin Ring Motegi, Scion FR-S

New content is coming to Gran Turismo 5, including a new circuit and car.

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hennessey862164d ago (Edited 2164d ago )

Love putting duplicate cars in don't they, this is just a re badged GT-86.

Lol at the disagrees, what I have said is fact.


Elwenil2164d ago

Are you seriously bitching about free stuff? smh

Boody-Bandit2164d ago (Edited 2164d ago )

It's an honest observation hennessey made.

hennessey, don't get caught up in agree vs disagree ratios. People on this site disagree if you say water is wet and the sky is blue. PD does have too many duplicate cars. But I am interested in trying a few laps on the new track (new for GT5) when it's released.

Quisp2163d ago

Free? Whats free?
Regardless, Im a GT5 and Forza fan. I have both consoles. Im mostly playing GT now tho.
I dont care about the addition of cars, but, have been waiting patiently for addl tracks.

That said, Im disappointed in Motegi. There are too many better GT tracks that were omitted and still havent been added. (MIDFIELD PLEASE!).
If PD wants to keep this game fresh and make a few bucks, they should focus on what most fans want, and thats TRACKS.
Apricot Hill
On and on..

Hicken2164d ago

... given that the FR-S is what we're actually getting- at least here in the US- it's kinda not the same. Like the Acura and Honda NSX being rather different under the hood.

Hell, ANY Japanese car with more than 276HP is tuned down, so the American versions are rather different. Is that just a rebadging?

On that note, also expect a Subaru BRZ to eventually make its way into GT5.

Oh, and why no comments about the additional track being added?

CernaML2164d ago

So what's this? 4 new tracks that have been added to GT5 since release and zero for that other game?


Oh, and please let me know when Turn 10 gives regular gamers a chance to become a real race car driver.

Forza_is_King2164d ago (Edited 2164d ago )

You are a perfect example of the difference between Car fans and enthusiasts and racing fans.

Forza offers the best options in cars and car manufacturers for the car enthusiast's out there. 600 unique cars that car lovers out there love and appreciate while ALL with highly detailed interior views. It's these car enthusiasts that care for more CAR content rather than tracks to race on.

GT5 offers racing fans lots of unique tracks but one of the worst car lists found in a racing game.

Any REAL and TRUE car enthusiast who loves a racing sim will ALWAYS choose the racing sim that offers the BEST library in cars, and that title goes to Forza.

Enjoy racing with your dupe car lists on a few more tracks...I will always pick the racing sim that offers me the best cars.

Cars > Tracks

I can't believe out of the HUGE list of AMAZING and HISTORIC cars that are from the past and present, GT fanboys can only brag about tracks instead of asking for a better selection of cars from that history of cars. It's like you think tracks are more important than cars. Why do you think PD is offering them as FREE DLC??? It's because NOBODY will pay for tracks. Tracks come AFTER cars, and GT5 although having the largest amount of cars in a racing sims on consoles, is also the most car deprived racing sim on consoles.

List of GT5's TOP duplicated cars.
8 Audi R8's
8 Mitsubishi GTO's
8 Mitsubishi FTO's
11 Ford Focus
12 Mitsubishi 3000GT
12 Chevrolet Corvette's
13 Honda Civic's
13 RX-7
13 Nissan Fairlady Z's
16 Honda NSX
18 Honda S2000
21 Mazda MX-5
26 Mitsubishi Lancers
27 Impreza's
56 Skylines

262 cars right there and actually ONLY 15 models....

56 Skylines!!!! Really??? The Nissan Skyline is an awesome car there is no argument there...but 56 of them??? That is down right pathetic. Don't even get me started on the 27 Imprezna's.

Enjoy your tracks GT5 fanboys. I will enjoy the Cars, and the best lineup of cars can only be found in Forza.

Hicken2163d ago

... so the R32 is the same as an R34? A GT-R is the same as the GTS 25 type s? A 2000 GT is the same as a Vspec? The Mine's and Amuse are the same?

It's real easy to generalize, but the name Skyline covers more than 50 years worth of cars. What car enthusiast would try to imply that your standard Skyline is the same as a GT-R? That's EXACTLY what you just did.

The same goes for a lot of other cars on your list of duplicates. But you know why they're there?

Performance differences.

The ZR-1 and Z06 Corvettes have rather drastic differences in performance. But without having both of them side-by-side, you'll never be able to tell that. Sure, you could quote the numbers and how they differ all day, but until you actually TRY them, you're just quoting numbers.

I buy multiple models of my favorite cars. Some of them, I keep stock, while I'll fully tune others. You think a fully-tuned C1 'Vette can outrun a stock ZR-1? Well, you get to test that in GT5. Me and one of my friends has been debating which of the Skylines is better from all sorts of angles. I prefer the R33 GT-R Vspec, he prefers the R32 GT-R Vspec II. In GT5, we can actually compare them in all sorts of ways.

Car enthusiast, you are not; if you were, you'd be fawning over the minute differences in the "duplicate" models.

But to you, I guess the Buick Regal, Grand National, T-Type, and GN-X are all the same car. Yeah, that sounds like something a car enthusiast would say.

PirateThom2163d ago (Edited 2163d ago )

It's funny how "Forza offers the best options in cars and car manufacturers for the car enthusiast's out there." and yet you're listing Skylines as if they're all the same model... surely the enthusiast's choice would be the one with the specific models?

Your own arguement undid you there...

SKullDugger2159d ago (Edited 2159d ago )

Good job !! Yes it's a duplicate car and GT5 fans you deserve better. I prefer Foza 4, but after all the delays and time people waited for this title you should get better add on's then this.. Forza 4 does 10 cars per month and we just got the new 2013 dodge Viper SRT for FREE !!!

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sikbeta2164d ago

WOOHOO!!!! It's about time, damn PD took some time on this one, can't blame them with the whole GT Academy Event going on :D

neoMAXMLC2163d ago

Boy these GT5 articles sure do attract Forza fanboys like flies. Keep on preaching guys. It won't make the game sell any better.

@Forza is king
Cute name, was it inspired by your insecurity? GT5 fans only care about tracks? LOL
Yeah Forza is definitely the true game for true enthusiasts. I bet they'll love Forza Horizons... As long as they don't mistake it for a new NFS game of course. At least it'll FINALLY feature dirt racing and dynamic time Conditios... At the cost of its signature framerate. Anyway, I'll let you get back to TURN10's version of GT Academy.. Whoops.

chukamachine2163d ago


You enjoy your half premium cars and wider tracks and awful physics.

While i enjoy enough cars, proper physics, day/night cycle and awesome tracks.

SKullDugger2159d ago

There full premium cars and the tracks are true to form, what have you been smoking? How many new cars since launch? How many new car manufactures? Like your game if you want but gets your facts right!!!!