Blizzard slaps on restrictions when buying Diablo III digital copy – Another poor decision

Blizzard thought it would be a good idea to impose a new set of rules to people who purchase a digital copy of Diablo III online.

It's a bad (very bad) idea.

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NYC_Gamer2166d ago

Blizzard have been full of dumb decisions ever since they joined Activision

brish2166d ago

I made a smart decision. I didn't buy Diablo III.

aliengmr2166d ago

Yea, I'm starting to wish I hadn't. Ohh well, live and learn I guess. I should have waited for Torchlight 2.

da_2pacalypse2166d ago

Yup... The idiot that I am, I bought the collector's edition. That was the worst decision I've ever made. D3 sucked... I've got torchlight 2 pre-ordered though :D

egidem2166d ago

It's good to know that they're fighting against fraud....

But why oh WHY THE F*CK is it that every time they (companies) take such measures it ALWAYS harm the legitimate customers who willingly paid for the game??? Why don't they ever learn from their stupid mistakes???

Companies (like Ubisoft) spend loads of cash on RnD in means to crack down on piracy, say using the always-on-line-to-play DRM (the worst of all). A legit customer comes to buy the game and can't even play the offline section when there's no internet connection. It ends up pissing them off.

What's ironic is that the pirates circumvent this DRM with such ease and can access the game with no restrictions. Why won't they (publishers/devs) learn from their mistakes?????

Emilio_Estevez2166d ago

That seems weird, how are supposed to get a good taste without someone to guide them?

If I were to try it I would be lost.

Snookies122166d ago

Oh man am I glad I didn't buy this game... Lol

Moncole2166d ago

Its your loss. THe game is a lot of fun.

Snookies122166d ago

I tried it, I really did... It's just not all that great in my opinion. Plus with all the hassle of always online DRM, and all the stupid things Blizzard is doing with the game, issues and such... I'm just saying it's really hard to justify spending 60 dollars on this game as it stands.

vortis2166d ago

You know you just supported an always-on future?

Awesome_Gamer2166d ago

Me too, one of my favourits game franhcises ever got ruind by Activision, fuck them :(

ardivt2166d ago

Another useles blizzard bashing article.
just be happy that there is a starter edition that offers much more than most demos.
this reminds me of the good old days, when open betas allowed us to play big parts of many games.
Blizzard did many things wrong with diablo III, but I don't see any problems here.

JustinNico2166d ago

The difference is that demos cost $0, this starter edition costs $60.

ardivt2166d ago (Edited 2166d ago )

haha ok, as somebody posted below, it really seems to be this way as an intentend restriction.

but next time the autor should link an official statement and not just "a buddy" as source. so this time blizzard really f***s it up, and still this article fails in so many ways

Linsolv2166d ago

But this isn't for just starter edition, though.

The complaint is that if you go online, right now, and shell out $60, right now, you will not be able to play with your friends who walked into a Gamestop and bought the game, because you're stuck in "starter edition."

In spite of having paid full price for the full game.

NCAzrael2166d ago

While I personally don't agree with Blizzard's move here, you make it sound like this is a permanent thing. Yes, you paid full price, and yeah for the first three days you are stuck with the "starter edition", but you get the full game after. It's not like they are taking your money and then forcing you to deal with a small portion of the game forever.

Again, I don't personally agree with the wait, but 3 days is not that big of a deal.

DragonKnight2166d ago

NCAzrael: Justify the reason why you should have to wait 3 days to play a game you legitimately bought and paid full price for. GO!

ardivt2166d ago


there you have your reason

DragonKnight2166d ago

@ardivt: I have read that entire page, NOWHERE does it say that you must accept a partial game for full price. If you paid full price for the the license to the game, you are to be granted full access to the entire game. No can tell you that you have to agree to accept only half a game for any amount of time unless there is some sort of compensation or reduced charge. When you pay full price for ANY product, real or digital, the law states you are to be granted full access to exactly what you paid for.

These people paid for full access to Diablo 3 and they are NOT getting that access. That is not acceptable for 1 second let alone 3 days unless there is a malfunction of some kind beyond the control of either party.

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aliengmr2166d ago

That would be fine if you didn't have to pay 60$ first.

kesvalk2166d ago

you should lose all of your bubbles just to be siding with blizzard on this one...

deletingthis346753342166d ago (Edited 2166d ago )

What the f*** did I just read?

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admiralthrawn872166d ago

the same restrictions apply to wow and nobody complained about that. stfu and troll somewhere else.

vortis2166d ago

Herp, derp, herp....WoW is an MMO, Diablo 3 can't be played with thousands of people at once. Herp, derp, hurp.

I guess we should have all our single-player games turned into always-on just so big corps can control what we play and when? Herp, derp, hurp...that's the future of gaming, right? Hurp, derp.

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