What Do Consoles Need: Steam Or Onlive?

There's been plenty of rumors circulating for over a year now of either Steam becoming more integrated into PS3 with more games, or a cloud gaming partnership deal between companies to bring cloud gaming to your favorite home console device. Both of these are good ideas in themselves, they would push back the need for a next gen jump so soon, while also providing gamers more of what they want: Games. But which would be better?

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v0rt3x2042d ago

Consoles need: To go.

ATi_Elite2042d ago

Next Gen is their LAST Gen!

Slate PC's (tablets, iPad) will be as powerful as Next Gen consoles by the time the Next Gen consoles get released in 2013 and then surpass them in power every year there after.

Consoles = Game Over!

Soldierone2042d ago

Supposedly tablets and phones are more powerful than current specs and even the Vita....yet the only platforms I'm playing Uncharted on are Vita and PS3....The other ones have Angry Birds and Gameloft rip offs.

WildArmed2042d ago

We need a Steam console.

An upgradable console by Valve, Steam already has a crazy backing.

Your library inter-changing between PC/Steambox whenever you want.

Man, it'll be a dream come true.

Esp. with all the steam deals <3

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