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Ready To Web Sling Around New York City?

When the Amazing Spider-Man game was first announced, I could not restrain myself from simply banging my head against a brick wall repeatedly. More so after it was announced that it was being developed by Beenox. Yes, Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions was a pretty decent game, but Edge Of Time was just a huge disappointment and utter failure.

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bwazy2194d ago

The game's about Spiderman, shows a pair or tits in the main picture.

Classic N4G.

Dno2194d ago

if its in the game why do you care? are so people scared of tits?

I feel like tits make some people nervous. idk

bwazy2194d ago

Naw, just getting old as article bait.

lorcraven2194d ago

boobs get clicks, it's wrong and a form of subjugation of women, but hey, welcome to earth

stephmhishot2194d ago

"welgum ta earf" - Will Smith