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GameDynamo - "Raiden kicked ass in Metal Gear Solid 4. Old Snake was struggling just to walk. Raiden took out those Gekko Metal Gears like they were toys, swirling, spinning in midair, even sacrificially plunging a sword into his chest so that he could get at Vamp. My biggest regret was that I couldn't play those scenes, instead forced to watch them. Revengeance aims to rectify that."

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Raka2072d ago

nice try to make snake looking pathetic
but fact is snake will always ---->raiden

snake is a living legend
raiden is one of the most hated characters in the mgs some research before trying to act cool

gintoki7772072d ago

Agreed, however he was pretty cool in Metal Gear Solid 4 which is why this game was created. Playing as Grey Fox would be even cooler!

AusRogo2072d ago

The most hated in 'Metal Gear Solid 2' . He was a complete bad ass in mgs4! The badass-ery will continue in this!

tieryas2071d ago

hey Raka, I wasn't trying to make Snake look pathetic at all. I love Snake, and have written quite a lot about him. But in this preview, I was trying to show how far Raiden had come from MGS2. Thanks for taking a look though!

josephayal2072d ago

MGS Rising doesn't deserve the name Metal Gear Solid,
Metal Gear Rising was actually not Kojima's idea. is blatant insult to Metal Gear fans

SithAzzazzin2072d ago

How is it a blatant insult? It was Kojimas team that worked on it and he was a consultant on the game. He was also the one who passed it on to platinum games to complete it cause he wanted it to come out. Machimina has a mini documentary about Metal Gear on YouTube. Watch it.

tieryas2071d ago

josephayal, the Kojima team emphasized this was not a metal gear solid, but a metal gear rising title, haha. Having checked out the title though, from what I've seen, it looks pretty amazing. we'll await the final verdict though once it actually comes out!

ShaunCameron2071d ago

Actually, Metal Gear Rising was Kojima's idea. He intended it to be a hack-and-slash action with Raiden as the main character.

A blatant insult to Metal Gear fans? Or to PS3 fanboys seething over the thought of yet another prominent longtime 3rd-party PS exclusive going multiplatform?