Bulletstorm: The Ultimate Sexism Game

A satirical attempt to conclude the sexism debate once and for all, with respect to gaming, in a tongue-in-cheek fashion.

Quote: "You know I have to admit that in recent weeks I’ve gone off the walls in my various dissertations regarding the hot topic, no pun intended, of sexism in the gaming medium and industry as a whole, whether it was my opinion column entitled Reverse Sexism in which I laid it all out for everyone to see that I’m in no position to judge yet even I could see that people were having unnecessary hissy-fits over a certain nun-filled Hitman: Absolution trailer, or my follow-up exclusive (also of the opinionated sort) in which I questioned why everyone tripped so many different kinds of balls, again no pun intended, over said trailer but not that many did so over Tomb Raider developer Crystal Dynamics’ comments regarding their portrayal of the new Lara Croft as a weak and vulnerable women.

Yes, that entire paragraph was one sentence.

Following on from those...

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Summons752221d ago

ugh bulletstorm, they should have just named it dick after every word the game

310dodo2220d ago

Did not play the game.
Just a little tired of "sexism" and "racism"
being a new focal point on N4g

"sexism" articles written by pompous Male gamers attempting to score kumbaya points. ridiculous.

"racism" is only talked/cared about when it deals with back characters. (excludes latinos/asians/etc)

2220d ago
SilentNegotiator2220d ago

Bulletstorm sucked.

For starters, they mocked games like COD and then included a lot of those cliches in their own game. The gameplay was all about gimmicky chart topping with "cool" ways to kill people (to a 12 year old). The level design was iffy at best.

If anyone but EPIC had published this game, they wouldn't have gotten away with this crap. But journalists always bow to the almighty marketing dollar.

But now copies of this game sit snugly next to Duke Nukem Forever in clearance bins everywhere. So there's some sort of justice.