Would FFVII's Return To PC Hint At A Return To Consoles?

With the news that Square Enix plans to re-release Final Fantasy VII for the PC, PSXE wonders if they're doing it to gauge fan interest in a remake.

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GraveLord2217d ago

It's already on a PS1 classic.

Bleucrunch2217d ago

I think they were referring to a remake of this game...I really do not see why they need to do this but this company has been ass backwards this entire HD generation...They are clueless over there.

Emilio_Estevez2217d ago

They have also said that remaking it would take way too long to be worth it.

d0nni32217d ago

The same kind of story was hovering around when it was released on PSN, They know the interest is there how could they not, there mearly getting as much money from the original as they can and who can blame them!