Just Ask: Returning to Consoles

A gamer who hasn't owned a console since the Nintendo 64 asks Brandon Coppernoll and Justin Gifford for their advice on which current console he should buy.

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Emilio_Estevez2218d ago (Edited 2218d ago )

Not sure if your the writer, but it's actually easier to stream stuff to a ps3 than a 360. Little program that takes almost no resources just needs to run on your PC and be on the same network. Called PS3 MediaServer, no set up of any kind, just dl and run it

Really you can't go wrong either way, depends on what you have/want.

SeekDev2218d ago

Works beautifully. I stream HD MKV files to my PS3 with no hiccups.

PoSTedUP2218d ago

he needs to buy a ps2 play GTa3 and gran turismo, then an xbox and play halo 1&2, and a gamecube and play mario sunshine and super smash bro's. then come all the way back to Brandon Coppernoll and Justin Gifford and ask that question again after he has already bought a ps3 and they will tell him that the 360 is his last bet. good day sir.

darthv722218d ago

I used to use tversity for streaming to wii, ps3 and 360.

I use an external hdd now for all my media so i dont stream much anymore from pc.