Steven Boone, Roger Ebert, Grow Up.

Pixels or Death's Tim Hsu writes:

"By the end of the piece I was convinced that Boone had made a point: video games and the preponderance of the people who play them do so for immersion, suspense, and escape. How they accomplish this is more or less moot in my mind, but for Boone it isn’t. He’s arguing that videogames too often and too easily count on manufactured suspense, tight camera angles, and above-all else violence to accomplish these goals. He decries the lack of attention for games like Ueda’s The Last Guardian and Miyamoto’s Super Mario Bros. games and says that the existence and subsequent dismissal (in so many words) of these titles is undeniable evidence that the art of videogames is ruled by “killers” and not “poets”.

What I’m here to tell you is that this is bullshit."

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DwightOwen2217d ago

Sony fanboys need to grow up and get jobs so that they can experience other gaming platforms. Then they'll realize that The Last of Us is nothing more a linear shooter with low-res graphics and mediocre gameplay.