Skyrim on MacBook Pro i7 with Retina

Product-Reviews writes: Apple just launched the Retina MacBook Pro to deliver the best display on a notebook in 2012, and one gamer decided to install Windows 7 on this machine over Boot Camp and started playing Skyrim.

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danswayuk2067d ago

Mass Effect 3 on the new Retina MacBook Pro would be cool.

MakiManPR2067d ago

This retina display isn't any wow. I don't see why everyone love this Retina thing

TheGamingArt2067d ago

You won't really notice it via the video * face palm *... it's not like your computer/or that camera supports that resolution.... Watching and comparing it here is like watching an HD video on a SD monitor..

grailly2067d ago

it's a pretty screen, nothing more really. It just doesn't have an effect on gaming, as the resolution used is way lower than the retina's resolution (here 1920x1220).

If retina is specified in the title it's just to differentiate the retina macbook with the "normal" macbook.

Emme2067d ago

Not only that, but somehow it seems the engine isnt quite up to it, why all this pop ups, texture loading and general not so sharp textures ? That doesnt look that different from XBox.

JDcg2067d ago

This video was pointless. Like no one has retina display. If you tape the screen of a macbook pro with retina and display it on regular screens then it truly does not show anything special. LOL

grailly2067d ago

that's always the problem when you want to market screens. the 3ds struggled because you couldn't see 3d and the vita's colors couldn't be shown though your screen either.

ninjahunter2067d ago

The game wasnt even running at retina level resolutions, so i second the pointlessness of this video.

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The story is too old to be commented.