SmartGlass Gets Its First Game

FanCensus says: "It seems the first game to feature both SmartGlass and Kinect support will be an Xbox Live Arcade baseball title called Homerun Stars, Microsoft has revealed."

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Psychotica1948d ago

I still couldn't care less about Kinect..

Moncole1948d ago

You cared enough to comment.

nukeitall1947d ago

lol, somebody is still bitter about Kinect after 18 months!

jsslifelike1947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

Awww, c'mon- with an utter lack of physical buttons, Kinect is pretty much the only way you'll ever experience SmartGlass in gaming. You don't like?

ALLWRONG1947d ago

Psychotica you need a 360 first.

Psychotica1947d ago

Sorry to burst your bubble, I got two of them..

LAWSON721947d ago

Ya because all xbox owners love kinect. I sure the hell dont and i have had a xbox since 07. Had kinect for a month because got black friday deal on xbox that came with and sold it because only useful thing it did was pause netflix after i said xbox pause five times. Too me kinect is nothing more than a gimmick.

Godz Kastro1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

Awesome to see that these techs are going to band together... Looking forward to other titles.

@Psychotica... Y comment then...sigh...

rezzah1948d ago

Personally I find it funny when anyone puts "sigh" in their comments.

Makes me think whatever caused them to type it made them depressed, like it was personal.

Dlacy13g1948d ago

@rezzah.... if you read enough of the comments here at N4G is will depress you, hence the "sighs". Trying to have intelligent back and forth is a rare thing, voicing a counter argument or opinion often just gets people on the defensive rather than sparking a debate. "Trolling" is a term thrown around here like its water. Ultimately its disappointing because often you just want to have that good discussion, whether you are agreeing or not. Debate is healthy if you ask me, but here its more like cancer.

nukeitall1947d ago


I gotta agree!

I found two people today, morganfell and GraveLord that instead of responding with an interesting discussion give me essentially a 2-sentence insult and blocked me! I wrote them at least 3-paragraphs explaining my viewpoint.

Goes to show, they at least deserved the single bubble. Who knows, they might be the same person, so yeah there is no debate. It's an attack of opinion.

People make fun of GAF here, but I find their responses far more intelligent.

green1947d ago

Morganfell is a lost cause. I am still waiting to see the Gears of War 2 that he saw running on a PS3 in 08.

Rezzah: Just ignore them. I have giving up on having intelligent conversations on this site.

Psychotica1948d ago

Umm, to voice my opinion? Are you suggesting we only comment on things we are interested in? That's ridiculous.

Godz Kastro1948d ago

Thats exactly what I am suggesting...

@Rezzah... It does depress me... sigh

FragMnTagM1948d ago

@Psychotica, I think you missed the point. This site heavily leans Sony and it is ok to bash MS, it's peripherals and games in every article, but if you were to do the same in a Sony article, you wouldn't have many bubbles left.

I only have three because I mad a somewhat negative comment in a Sony article a long time ago.

I have a PS, and play it every once in a while. Sony made a stupid decision, I voiced my opinion and lost two bubbles over it.

You can come into a XBOX article and make any negative comment you wish and receive no flak for it.

I guarantee you won't lose bubbles over comments like that in the XBOX section, but go try that in Sony articles and you will be down to one bubble in no time.

I think that is what he meant by why even comment if you don't like it.

GribbleGrunger1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

LOL. Jesus, some of you people live in an alternate reality

don't confuse legitimate criticism of Kinect with made up S**T about Sony products

greenpowerz1947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

People disagree with you because you gave no input on the actual topic, you used the news as an excuse to attack Kinect. A comment like that suggests you have already made up your mind about Kinect so why do fans of Kinect need to be reminded of people not liking kinect every chance they can get? Most of which don't and will ever own a 360.

Anyways It's good MS is pushing this tech with software, place holder games or not.

It's like a story about Mario-U and a gamer going into the comment section and types that doesn't care about Wii-U in a tone that suggests the console is rubbish trying to set a anti Wii-u tone in the comment section. Do you understand?

Zhipp1947d ago

Seriously? How could anyone do that? It's pretty friggin' cheap to subtract from someone's bubbles simply because they voiced an opinion that you find disagreeable. That's what the "disagree" button is for. I only click on that little "minus" button if someone makes a comment that is either flamebait, flaming, or simply lacking in common sense. Sheesh.

Anyway, I don't really care all that much for Smartglass when it comes to gaming, but I am intrigued of it's other features, and I do like where M$ is going with their integration of the PC, smartphone/tablet, and Xbox. I also gotta hand it out to Microsoft for actually supporting iOS and Android. That really impressed me... it still stinks that they chose to unveil it at E3 instead of some more appropriate event, though.

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Shadonic1948d ago

While im glad to see them implementing some form of my intial thought of how it would be used with kinect. I'm hoping they just make they use smartglass as something to help kinect with hardcore titles if done right it can be a great addition.

Godmars2901947d ago

Techs banding together to do what exactly? Make exclusive content on a platform which really isn't going to do anything different than ones similar to it?

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dirigiblebill1948d ago

This is OXM's story. Somebody needs to learn to credit.

Nes_Daze1948d ago

Still don't see the point of interrupting the game to use a tablet when you can just press a few buttons and be done. Well, maybe we'll see SmartGlass put to better use with other games.

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