Xbox Live update blocking connection with racing wheels

Racing fans have contacted CVG claiming that the firmware upgrade has rendered some devices incompatible, while others perform erratic force-feedback.

"We are aware a limited number of Xbox Live members are experiencing issues with the Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel controller following the recent Xbox Live update," Microsoft said in a statement issued to CVG.

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Boody-Bandit2220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

I contacted Microsoft via phone (4MY-XBOX), their site and twitter to tell them about the problems I was experiencing with my Fanatec CSR Elite Wheel since I installed the update. The response they gave me each time is we are not responsible for 3rd party devices. I explained to them this effects every wheel from every manufacturer including your own. Their response was but you are contacting us about a 3rd party device.

My 3rd party device is the official Forza 4 wheel licensed by Microsoft, which I explain to them, and even then I received the same echoed response from them. I wasn't frustrated because this is the below average customer support I have grown use to by Microsoft this generation. You would think after all the problems they had this gen they would strive to be so much more efficient but obviously just don't get it. I knew it would take media exposure before they would fix this issue. I'm just glad the media got it done.

2219d ago
nukeitall2219d ago (Edited 2219d ago )

Did you try the latest update?

Also, I understand your issue, but MS technically isn't responsible for 3rd party accessories, even if it is licensed. You should be complaining to Fanatec, the manufacturer of your wheel, and they will resolve it with MS if necessary.

Also, it sounds like MS fixed with a June 20th update, before the media even got notified of the issue.

360GamerFG2220d ago

My experiences with Microsoft customer care have always been pleasant. I don't think you're being as honest as you name suggests there Brutal.

nukeitall2219d ago

My experience has been excellent as well with MS customer service. The customer service representative didn't have a non-US accent to boot. Is the call center in the US now?

Neko_Mega2219d ago

This isn't a shock, every time Microsoft trys doing something with Xbox Live. A problem pops up, I beta tester the new XL Ex. once and they didn't seem to listen to the problems people found.

As for calling Microsoft for support, the been rank to have pretty bad support (not the worst) but not that great. Your best bet is to wait it out and hope it gets fix.

rmedtx2219d ago

Nothing a good patch can't fix.

hennessey862219d ago

I was getting no FFB on my GT2 and this was patched yesterday