Eight things you can already do with Xbox SmartGlass

OXM UK: "A foretaste of launch day functionality."

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DaThreats2133d ago

They are talking like everyone will have a smartglass or the xbox comes with it now.
Devs going to be wastng alot of time if they waste their time on these features.
Also, alot of them will be better if just the controller had a screen.
Like the Wii U

dirigiblebill2133d ago

Everybody /will/ have a SmartGlass-capable device when the app launches, more or less. As of end 2011, there were six billion mobile phone subscriptions worldwide, and the tablet market is expanding rapidly.

Frankly, if they actually manage to put together compelling games which use SmartGlass, the Wii U doesn't have a hope. Why fork out for a highly limited bespoke controller when you can just use your phone or tablet?

Cocozero2133d ago

By far the best use for Smart Glass I can think of will be the ability to use your phone as a mouse/keyboard. Since the standard controllers are useless at that, this could mean a lot of PC games could come to Xbox with the same controls.

Everyone will have Smart Glass because most people have smart phones and if you don't you likely don't have an Xbox anyway.

Shadonic2132d ago

It could also bring an easier way to do free movement in kinect titles and maybe even shooting.

CommonSense2132d ago

I don't know how great smartglass will be for gaming, but it really is a brilliant concept.

Thatguy-3102132d ago

" Numero uno, a time-stamp map which shows the position of every single scene within the Game of Thrones universe. It even gives you the location of individual shots in the credits montage. Numero duo, a set of pull-down character family trees and guides to Houses" because I would really distract myself from watching the show just to know all that interesting background info that everyone needs to know about /s lol they need to focus on making it a game centric device. Using it for other things just seems tacked on and gimmicky.

IHateYouFanboys2132d ago

some things that i want SmartGlass to do:

1. Inventory management
2. in-game map
3. move complicated weapon/skill selection to smartglass so you dont need to pause game to choose
4. queue up movies/tv shows to watch on 360 using smartglass while youre already watching a video on the 360
5. use as a keyboard for sending messages/inputting text
6. browse friends list on smartglass while in-game and invite/join friends.
7. have Live Messenger conversations on smartglass via the 360 (the 360 has live messenger built in for those that dont know, but unless you have a chat pad its a serious hassle)

smartglass has the potential to be awesome. just hope it gets utilised.