ThatGameCompany confirms Journey Collection

After first rumors, ThatGameCompany confirmed now the Journey Collection.

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Hicken1885d ago

Sweet! The only thing that sucks about this is that I already have all three games.

b_one1885d ago

it sucks that i own flower and flow and soundtracks to them...
maybe if price will be nice i could buy it anyways...

user77927881885d ago

I already own all 3 games, but if it's a retail release with a nice box art ill get it again for my collection.

LoLZoRz1885d ago

why is it called "Journey" collection?

AgreeFairy1885d ago

Because "Screensaver Collection" would be too obvious.

Wagz221885d ago

Even though I love all three of those games, that was still pretty funny haha

Godmars2901885d ago

This is a mixed message for the future of downloads as far as I'm concerned. The whole movement towards making consoles and other game systems always online for that matter.

That and the fact that DL sales are always in the 100K when they're reported. This when millions of people supposedly have systems online.

LAWSON721885d ago

Well millions are online look at how much minecraft has sold and i am sure cod elite sold a shit ton as well.

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