Nintendo in the Frying Pan

Stephen Fournier writes:

"The question is, when they get out of it will they be safe or in the fire instead. See after their E3 Press Conference, Nintendo’s shares dropped by quite a bit due to a number of reasons with Wii U being one of the big ones. The jump forward in the hardware’s power wasn’t enough of one for critics to praise despite being able to play in 1080p, the lackluster showing of the Wii U’s functionality left consumers in a confusion regarding what the Wii U actually is, and the dearth of Wii U exclusives titles lined up for its eventual launch did not help shareholder confidence in the company. Thankfully, Nintendo is filled with some very smart people who happen to understand that they are in trouble and that they need to move carefully to make sure the launch of the Wii U is the success they need. To do that, they have to fix at least one of the three major problems the console has."

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