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Next-Gen Coming 2014?

We all know by now that Microsoft wants to stretch out this current console generation for as long as it can. However, in a recent X360 Magazine interview with gaming research analyst Michael Pachter, the question of when its coming and why was brought up. (Dev, Industry, Microsoft)

steve30x  +   762d ago
Once I get a price and at least six months to save for the next gen I will be happy
decrypt  +   762d ago
Should be relabeled "Next Gen consoles coming 2014"

As hardware that is much more powerful than the next consoles is already out there.
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morkendo23  +   762d ago
Microsoft wants to stretch out this current console generation for as long as it can.

Just as LONG as SONY hold back. that'll be til 2013
stage88  +   762d ago
Next gen starts when Sony says so.
smazzei80  +   762d ago
Hilarious! You know I almost didn't buy a PS3 just because of that comment.
stage88  +   759d ago
More fool you then :)
blue_flowers  +   762d ago
avengers1978  +   762d ago
I'm guessing both Sony and MS will be bringing new consoles out by the holiday season next year, witch is pretty much the start of the business year 2014. The big question is will Nintendo, and Xbox, continue to support the Wii and 360... Because we all now Sony will continue PS3 support... Just like they kept the PS2 going and now that Vita is out they still support the PSP, but IDK for how much longer.

When Wii came out they pulled Gamecube
When 360 came out they pulled original xbox

I'm thinking in a few months you wont be able to find much for the Wii in stores
hellvaguy  +   762d ago
People buying old outdated consoles, dont count for much. If they r too poor to buy a next gen console, they sure wont be buying $60 games. So this demographic of $10 bargain bin gamers mean very little to ms, sony, or ninty.
tehpees3  +   762d ago
I'm pretty sure by now the next xbox is definitely next year. Probably November since MS likes it. The leaked document proved true and rumours about the next xbox have been coming since late last year.

The question is when will Sony be ready?
Tsar4ever  +   762d ago
I think 2014 It'll be better for "SYSTEM HARDWARE" sake, cuz, At least for sony orbis rumored specs as to say the least, pretty lax, "AMD’s A8-3850 APU and Radeon HD 7670 GPU", hopefully those are just the DEV KIT spec next-gen devs are coding their games off of and the final specs would be stronger like the "Trinity" A8-5500 or better A10-5700.

And yet, the just released AMD 2nd gen "bulldozer" FX APU's series that have 4, 6 & 8 core apu's are out now and their way more stronger performance than the current orbis rumored specs, and not nearly as expensive as thought advertised.

See AMD FX APU series. http://en.wikipedia.org/wik...

Since sony needs at least 2 years to finalize it's system specs before going in full production for the unannounced release date. The AMD 2nd gen FX APU's with 4, 6 or 8 cores chip sets would be great for the orbis final specs, and if sony release their system in 2014 instead of the rumored late 2013 holiday season. They should have enough production time to meet the demand to have decent world wide release.

*ps the reason I'm focusing on sony and not the neXbox 720, because , I'm not worried about it's hardware specs, It's already mimics the pc and I'm sure it'll be even more closer in terms of hardware & software. Can you say IE? & Windows 8 OS?
ApolloAdams  +   762d ago
Next generation started with the Wii-U.
Jumper09  +   762d ago
WiiU is current gen and not next gen..
2013 will be the year of the new xbox :)

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