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Developers Need To Stop Being So Stupid With New IPs

In an industry where the mainstream games seem to be getting browner and browner, and the space marines are getting fatter and fatter, there is a growing demand for original IPs and innovative gameplay. It’s getting to the point where a new release seems like a novelty if it doesn’t have a number on it, even series like God of War and Gears of War are taking the subtitle approach to their new editions almost like the developers are embarrassed they’ve made so many.

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Darth Gamer2342d ago

How about they stop being so stupid with old IPs. go crazy with the new games and stop changing the formula of the old games that made them acquire a large fan base in the first place. Everything is turning into a generic run n' gun action shooter today. we want the old variety back.

r212342d ago

exactly and i agree with you and the author. i was heavily disappointed to find out Inversion by Saber Interactive made a shameful clone of Gears Of War with gravity.

They had a potentially unique take on TPS with the gravity idea but instead they just copied and took the safe route. I mean come on, these guys made that imo innovative FPS TimeShift.

PHOSADRA2341d ago

Oh yeah I agree.
Splinter cell now is WAY to action/shooter
What happened to sneaking around in the dark? (chaos theory style)
Not enough stealth anymore.

I would expect it more from a game like Metal Gear.
At least that is an official ACTION stealth game.

Neko_Mega2342d ago

What they need to do is stop copying and pasting games and quit screwing up games.

Devil May Cry is what I'm talking about, they screw it up with this new character and they could have just done something with the old one.

Robert223882341d ago (Edited 2341d ago )

I completely agree with this. The problem isnt there not being enough new IPs, it's that the new IPs they develop are uninteresting. Brutal Legend, Kingdoms of Amular, Enslaved, these games sell terrible not because they're new ips, but because they look uninteresting. No mass appeal.

A7XEric2341d ago

Brutal Legend and Enslaved uninteresting? And a game series that sells well like Uncharted (which is a great series btw) where you play just as a dude with a gun is much less generic and eye catching? Please

The biggest problem is bad marketing, especially with Enslaved. Enslaved came out at a bad time of year with pretty much no commercials, ads, etc. Viva Pinata was another prime example. It came out the same month as Halo 3. Everyone and their grandmother saw ads for Halo 3, but try to find a person that saw a single commercial for Viva Pinata. Also look at Rayman, BG&E, etc.

Hufandpuf2341d ago

@Darth Gamer

No, how about: instead of leaving the formula the same, how about they leave the difficulty of the game intact. Run and gun action games aren't the product of changed formula, they are the product of dumbed down games. They STRIP away what made the game fun and challenging in the first place then replace it with things that make you get through the game faster then lure you to buy DLC to make it last longer.

PHOSADRA2341d ago

Actually the developers decided to name it God Of War Ascension because they didn't want people to think it was a SEQUEL to GOW 3. Not because they are "ashamed" to have created so many games in the same franchise.

It was stated in an GOW Ascension multiplayer special which is available in the PS Store in the E3 section.

Zweihanders2341d ago

While I agree and this is true, you don't actually expect them to say they're ashamed. Doesn't mean they aren't though.

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