More than 6 minutes of Hatsune Miku Project DIVA f

Enjoy the J-Pop in Hatsune Miku Project DIVA f for PlayStation Vita.

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PersonaCat1980d ago

I feel that this game will make a killing in Japan....Not so much here :o

tubers1980d ago

It ain't even coming "here". :(

Oh well time to wait for more announcements from Sega.. Some sort of PS3 version will come out in 2013.. Maybe by then we would have some news if the localization gets an approval or not (the VITA game).

Hicken1980d ago

I dunno if it'll make a "killing," but I'd damn sure buy it.

Studio-YaMi1980d ago

Miku and her friends are really REALLY popular in Japan,you can bet that this title will move lots of PS Vitas in Japan.

Hicken1979d ago

I mean here in the West. I know Miku and the rest are big in Japan- I'm partial to Rin and Haku, myself- but even if it didn't make a killing here, I'd still buy it.

Then again, they might be surprised at the numbers, if they just released it.

Sanquine901980d ago

Damn , i love this! My gaming taste is changing! Just played gravity rush and loved it. Think of importing gundam:D and this for sure!

conjurdevil1980d ago

It reminds me of Final Fantasy X-2 Opening sequence

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