Blizzard Offer Full Refund For Diablo III

Thanks to the pressure applied by the South Korean Fair Trade Commission, Blizzard appear to have been forced to offer a full refund for players under level 40 that have been affected by the infamous Error 37 issue. Error 37 is a very basic problem caused by Blizzard’s lack of preparation. The error came out thanks to a heavy surge in server traffic, causing Blizzard to take offline while they attempted to fix the problem.

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blitz06232222d ago

Can't wait for Torchlight II

-MD-2222d ago

I'd like a full refund but I sadly bought it through amazon.

Myst2222d ago

Man every time I am thinking about getting this game I just hear something like this or worse that makes me think otherwise. Though everyone tells me to stay away I kind of want to try it still; but at this rate I don't think I will :/

vallencer2222d ago

It's honestly a great game. Everyone may cry about how its nothing like diablo two and in some cases its kind of a bummer but for the most part everything is done better. Besides i went back to go play D2 and its just not as good. If you ever come across 60 extra bucks pick it up or just wait for it to go on sale.

vortis2221d ago

Or, I don't know, he could maintain his integrity and not support an always-on future by waiting for a game like Grim Dawn or Torchlight II, something that doesn't aim to screw him over (and at least he won't have to worry about leasing the latter two.)

FanboyPunisher2222d ago

Got Banned 3 times for posting this weeks ago on the diablo 3 forums, surpression!

FinalomegaS2222d ago

Love the game but man do I hate. Seeing those pop up errorscreen

ThanatosDMC2222d ago

Dont forget BattleT and other gold spammers.

FinalomegaS2221d ago

Not to mention the "random " friend request from? $!dfM:@ to help me powerlv my goons to lv 60.

You're. Right I completely forgot about those.

I think 1.03 with the new repair price turned me off. Tired of dying in inferno and pay all that gold.

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