TGC confirms: "Journey Compilation" is Journey's Collector's Edition

Yes, the ‪#JourneyPS3‬ Collector's Edition is a thing, and it includes ‪#flOwPS3‬ and ‪#FlowerPS3‬, but we can't say anything more.

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josephayal2098d ago

Journey Developer, thatgamecompany, Goes Multiplatform, now i can play JOURNEY COLLECTOR on my XBOX 360, im very happy

PirateThom2098d ago

You can't because Sony own the rights to the game. :)

FAGOL2098d ago

Journey is still exclusive to PS3 if i'm not mistaken. Everything they produce from now is going to be multi platform.

Also Journey studio raises $5.5 million thanks to Benchmark Capital. I don't know where you got Microsoft from :/

Man I don't even know why I reply to obvious trolls.

HarryMasonHerpderp2098d ago

thatgamecompany's first 3 games are PS3 exclusives.
Just have to wait for their new project to play one of their games on the 360, I'm sure it will be awesome.

FAGOL2098d ago

Well if it's some sort of steelbook, i'll buy it in a heartbeat.

Hicken2098d ago

Man, I can't even... I've got all three games, and the soundtrack to Flower already. Would I buy this specifically for something like Journey's soundtrack?