Final Fantasy VII Coming To Steam?

FanCensus says: "A leaked product description suggests a new edition of Final Fantasy VII could be on its way to Steam. According to the description, the new version will include Steam features such as achievements and cloud saving as well as online profiles. There will also be a new Character Booster item. Square Enix listed the digital download at £7.99 / €9.99."

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SirBradders2037d ago

Now add steam workshop and let the community do what sqaure will not win win situation fans are happy square line their pockets even more :-)

TronEOL2035d ago

Wow, this will annoy the hell out of me if they are actually adding all these things for the Steam release, and just left the PSN version as basic as they could.

No trophies? No Cloud saves (would work perfectly between the Vita and PS3)?

Kind of ridiculous as the PS1 version was the reason anyone remembers Final Fantasy VII. Yet they give it the least amount of love. Square has gone completely insane.