Tarsier on Little Big Planet Vita | GRTV interview

GRTV caught up with Tarsier Studios' Mattias Nygren and Peter Lübeck to discuss the upcoming Little Big Planet on PS Vita.

"It was a huge honour to get the responsibility, but also this great scare. How are we gonna tackle this? We know there is this great community out there who just love the game and we know there is big pressure on us, but we also took a lot of help from the community. A lot of people who have been working on this game are from the community. Next to Media Molecule they are the foremost experts on the game," said Nygren.

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GribbleGrunger2099d ago

ah! I knew the some of the characters and backdrops reminded me of something

fantasygamer2097d ago

I'm very much looking forward to LBP Vita and I can see the similarities between LBP Vita and City of Metronome It's very cool.

r212097d ago

the guys behind city of metronome is in charge of LBPVita? cool cool. i hope after they finish this game, they'll continue to develop CoM :D

dafegamer2097d ago

LBP is so awesome one of the greatest 2d Platformer ever created. If not the best 2d platformer ever created