Microsoft: SmartGlass will take second screens mainstream

Microsoft has revealed that the world is ready to start using tablets and smartphones as second-screen devices and even if they're not SmartGlass will entice them.

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CustardTrout2102d ago

This might be worth putting on techspy, I'm not too sure.

Anyway, I don't think so - I've just got 50" I don't want to revert to 5" on my phone or whatever it is.

mcnablejr2102d ago

What I want to know is weather or not you will be able to stream your music from your phone, to your Xbox and out of your Hi-Fi speakers, similar to apples airplay.

If so that would be awesome.

Tired2102d ago

I've been doing that with my samsung phone and my ps3 for the past 2 years with allplay. Does the xbox not have a pnp type doodad?

Genghis2101d ago

i bought a blue tooth adapter for my speakers and stream music directly to them. i also have audio coming from my xbox simutaneously with no probs

mcnablejr2102d ago

You can, but i mean control the whole experience with your phone/tablet without having to pick up the controller.

MariaHelFutura2101d ago

If the Wii U does have the same success as the Wii.... you probably won't get the chance.

Fishy Fingers2101d ago

...With a little help from Apple and Nintendo that are already pushing second screens. But of course it'll be all thanks to SmartGlass... :/

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The story is too old to be commented.