6 upcoming games worth getting Move for

Not got a Move yet? Here are six big name games coming up in the near future that make Sony’s wafty add-on a much needed accessory.

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KUV19772041d ago

All the upcoming games worth getting Move for, in alphabetical order:

1. Sports Champions 2

That's it.

I really wanted to like Move but after the great Sports Champions everything that followed was a huge disappointment, unless you like to player shooters with it, which some people do, but that doesn't do it for me.

I was playing Deadmund's Quest and was hoping for Sorcery but while I believe that the Move-technology is really much better than the Wii-mote, there has yet to be a game that really uses it decently. Most of them already fail the calibration. While Killzone really nicely measures my screen by making me 'click' the corners of it, games that have been designed exclusively for Move, let me point to the center of the screen and that's that. They don't care if I have a 32" screen or a big fat screen in front of a projector. How can they even claim to feature precise motion control.. Even the great Sports Champions is ridiculous. When I use the bow and arrow Iand want to target the top of the screen i can't go any higher than a thir of my screen because they don't even make me point to the screen's center. They only measure my size. I just can't wrap my head around how ignorant a game developer can be... Sorry for the rant.

Knushwood Butt2041d ago

'there has yet to be a game that really uses it decently.'

lol wut?

Are you just trolling??

KUV19772040d ago

If you read my comment you see that I am not. Which one does? The only games where I feel that the controls really work very well, as in the advertized 1:1 motion tracking are first person shooters or rail shooters. I admit that it works very well there, that's one of the reasons I believe the tech is solid, but that's about it. Sports Champions was decent control wise and made up for some control issues with being fun and fresh. Sorcery is mediocre. The 'precision' there is nothing but raw direction + auto aim + 5° random deviation. And don't get me startet on stuff like The Fight
If you feel differently please provide an example game.

Knushwood Butt2040d ago


Pixel Junk 4am

I don't really see you argument about Sorcery either. I personally wish the spell casting had been of a slower and more powerful variation, rather than the rapid fire that seems to be essential, but are you serious when you say the game doesn't use it decently??

KUV19772039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )

Okay, I give you Tumble. I don't know about 4am, but I was really thinking 'real' games, not minigames. Flight Plan also worked really well. Dead Space Extraction also worked really well, which is, next to Sports Champions probably the closest to a good Move-game.

But actually that is what annoys me so much. Small games like that get a great move control to work and the big blockbusters don't - well except FPS as I wrote earlier (Killzone works great but it'S still better with controller for me and not really a Move game but rather a game that supports Move too).

The precision control in Sorcery is really super-mediocre and would easily have been possible with the Wii-mote without(!) Motion Plus. Just look at the calibration. The game only asks for the center of my screen, so how on earth do they want to give me precise control. If you have a 30" TV or a 100" projector-screen, which I have, should make a difference for targeting, don't you think? But with Sorcery it does not, and it can not. But you still hit the enemy on the left upper corner of the screen. How is that? Auto-Aim is how. If you have no enemy and throw some moves at the same screen the precision is pretty bad, but if you have an enemy you suddenly have pretty good hit-chances, because the game checks 'center, left, far left' and then aims for you - that works, but it is not precision move control... They could give me that same Precision with the digipad on my Dualshock. Still getting the center of my screen is, as hard as it may be believable, a great improvement over Deadmunds Quest or Sports Champions for that matter. Both games don't even get that. They just check my size and the center of the camera. Now with a very large screen the camera is much more away from the center or even top of the screen as with a regular tv. So verything that is based on targeting something/someone on screen is terribly inprecise (bow and arrow, shuriken, botcha, throwing dynamite). Stuff that is just based on the angle I hold the controller works well (table tennis, gladiator, sword fighting). They probably tested the game on a couple TVs from 30 to 50" and figured it was close enough. Newsflash: for 100" it is way off.

I seriously hoped for Sorcery to be the first really great Move game but now I have given up hope for Move entirely.

Knushwood Butt2039d ago

I see where you are coming from, but I think one of the things about motion controls is that they tend to suit smaller scope games better.

For example, I was playing some more Sorcery yesterday, and wanted to continue on, but it's comparatively hard work playing it. It is physically tiring. I'm not saying it is a full workout or anything, but.. Of course, there's nothing to stop you breaking down say a 40 hour game into chunks that suit you, but even so. The bit in Sorcery, gimmicky as it is, where you have to shake powder into the mixing pot, is really quite hard work.

I take your point about Killzone 3, but for me, I find the Move control superb and could never play that with the pad again. I LOVED that with Move. Thing is, I think for any FPS game, you're never going to find one that will be Move only because it just splits the audience for no reason.

I also see where you are coming from with Sorcery, but at the same time don't think what you are hoping for there was ever going to be workable into that game. Can you imagine how difficult it would be to target just one distant enemy without any kind of supplemental auto-aim at all? You'd be there all day just trying to land a single hit on a single enemy. It simply wouldn't work as a game.

I'm not saying Sorcery is amazing or anything, and am still playing through, but overall I'm enjoying it a lot and for me personally it's better than I was expecting it to be.

Incidentally, Pixel Junk 4am calibrates around the corners of your TV or display, but to do this you draw a circle with the Move around where you perceive the corners to be from where you are sat / standing. It's a niche title anyway.

Good discussion. thx

r212041d ago

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