Battlefield 3 Weapon, Assignment & Premium Unlock Guide - Every Gun Rated

Massive BF3 guide to all of the weapons, with fire ratings and so on, also features Back to Karkand and Close Quarters unlocks, as well as patch updates and premium dog tag unlocks.

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SJPFTW2192d ago

i loved the AUG A3 the most out of all these guns. Not really good on the CQ maps but is a beast on regular BF maps.

I also loving the M417 and ACR-W as well

Reverent2192d ago

Funny, apparently the AUG A3 doesn't have the greatest range but it makes up for it by having great range? Okay, sorry this is a very lazily written article.

MWong2191d ago

SCAR-L and M417 ... loving my throwback shotty SPAS12