Wii U: Does it really matter if PS4 and Xbox 720 are more powerful?

NGamer argues: More polygons don't equal better games

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DaThreats2194d ago

Yes it does.
The more power the betta
I know I will get this with the PS4 as it will become the most powerful next-gen system

LOGICWINS2194d ago

Power means nothing if devs can't take full advantage of it. If all the next-gen has to offer is better visuals, then I'll stick with the current gen for another 5-6 years. I want longer games, more varied game mechanics, cross platform play for multiplatform online games etc.

Dno2194d ago (Edited 2194d ago )

1. your not sticking with last gen because all games will come next gen (unless ur 13 and u have no job)

2. lets stop with this graphics mean nothn crap if it was not for the power of ps2 GTA would never have been made and become a classic game ( see GTA1 and 2 and how they tried to do it but was not as good)

3. im sure you will miss out of halo 5, uncahrted 4, GOW 4, and every other games that will be for next gen only because of your silly "power means nothin"

4. devs are only working on next gen games so you will have none or very few games to play. (hope u like madden games cause ports of sports games is all you will have.)

5. grow up. each gen has brought something new and innovative to the table and the next gen will be no different.

Hisiru2194d ago (Edited 2194d ago )

I will buy a WiiU + PS4/x720. I don't care about this stupid console/graphics war. I will just enjoy my games and people is always trying to downplay the WiiU but it has a lot of potential and will probably give me some fun.

Also, I believe there won't be a huge leap this time (and if you play some PC games you already know that). Some people is living a dream, really. They will be disappointed with the graphics or they will be disappointed with the price.

I think this time we will see a differene like PS2 (Wii) and xbox1 (x720/PS4). For people who don't know, the original xbox is at least 4~5 times more powerful than PS2 and still, PS2 was a monster.

There is a huge difference in graphics between Wii and x360, but it's not just because of the power. Wii lacked a lot of very important GPU/CPU features and that's why it couldn't handle some engines. Now the WiiU has all the features needed for next gen engines (heck, even the iphone has all the required GPU features for next gen engines).

Maybe the WiiU is enough (graphically speaking) and won't look far superior as some fanboys think.

sikbeta2194d ago


So, you'll miss new games because of the evolution in graphics next gen? nice, by that logic, why we don't go back to 8 bits?

More powerful machines can do more than just fancy graphics


IF you're a Nintendo gamer who don't care about third party games, you'll be fine, now if you're a gamer that want to have as many third party games as exclusives possible, well, IT Really DOES MATTER

Last year @ the Nintendo E3 conference, they promissed Third Party Support, this year, they only have Batman and Ubi which is killing on every system, they're even making a game for Vita whereas other Publishers (and even Sony) don't give a s#*t about it, so yeah, I'm not saying that it'll be like the wii with no real third party support again, but I was expecting More

The good thing is that IF the wii-u sell s#*tloads like the wii, Publishers will not avoid the possibility of making money out of the console

Outside_ofthe_Box2194d ago

***"So, you'll miss new games because of the evolution in graphics next gen? nice, by that logic, why we don't go back to 8 bits?

More powerful machines can do more than just fancy graphics"***


If graphics truly don't matter why not go back to 8 bits? Why don't people answer this question? Is it really that hard to admit that graphics do in fact have importance? Or this an issue of Ninetendo fans not wanting to admit that power does matter because the Wii U isn't exactly a huge leap?

I also don't get why people think more power = only improvement in graphics...

Timmer2194d ago


What are you talking about, they only have Batman and Ubisoft?

Yes, Ubisoft has a lot of games coming out for the system, but still, they're not the only dev making games for them.

Darksiders 2. Trine 2. Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition. Ninja Gaiden 3 (the non-shitty version apparently). Aliens: Colonial Marines. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Injustice: Gods Among Us. Mass Effect 3. Project P-100. Mass Effect 3. Scribblenauts.

So, from that list, there is...

Gearbox, Rocksteady, Treyarch, Vigil Games, NetherRealm Studios, Bioware, Team Ninja, Frozenbyte, Platinum Games. And more, I just can't bring myself to essentially copy this Wikipedia article.

And EA still has 2 unannounced games for the console.

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_Aarix_2194d ago

I think that art style makes a game better than graphics I mean look at borderlands it's a small game with a LOT of content with comic book like graphics to add charm to the whole experience. A game can look AMAZING when developers actually become creative and create a world with "unique" graphics. There were a couple wii games I loved its art style for though I forgot the names. Next gen will be different, if they hath To "downgrade" a game to add to wii-u I guarantee you the difference wont be like GameCube> xbox

jacen1002194d ago

if u own a high end pc you will know what kind of leap is going to happen with consoles, and it isent what fanboys dream about.
its better framerarte more draw distance and other small graphical changes that more ram will bring and better gpu

kikizoo2194d ago (Edited 2194d ago )

No, best consoles at launch >>>>>> pc

because games for pc are made also for "low end pc", so until you can see a game on par with best consoles games, you have to wait 4,5 years after console's launch....

by the way, only fanboyz without best hardware are lying to themself with "graphics means nothing", like others said, if graphics are not importantx, everybody should buy an old pc and a ps2, it's enough to play thousand of great games...(but not the best ones ! :))

StifflerK2194d ago

I'd say no , the one thing I've learnt this gen is that good graphics only go so far.

There have been plenty of games that 'look' great , but ultimately feel shallow, boring + repetitive in the gameplay department.

So yes, having good hardware + tech is important, but actually doing something fun and interesting with that tech is more so , to me at least.

As for the Wii U , so long as it has good games that are worth playing I'd be happy to buy one.

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