LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes (Vita) review


The first attempt at a LEGO game on Vita wasn’t exactly great, thankfully though things are looking up with LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes. Taking a different stance from its console counterparts, the Vita version instead focuses on the story, allowing you to play through at your own pace, constantly auto-saving the game so you never have to worry about replaying certain parts of the level, should your journey end or the battery on your Vita run out.

Rating: Excellent

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xander1232189d ago

Looking forward to this one.

Tidybrutes2189d ago

sounds good, lego star wars was fun but problem with these games is as their aimed at a younger audience I tend to get through them quite quickly, therefore cant justify spending full price on it, this one will be on the back burner until i spot it cheap online

irishyort2189d ago

No open world = No Sale

I bought the Vita because it would offer different games to and other additions to 3DS on the go but this isnt offering anything new. Bummer

r212189d ago

wow, i thought you were trolling but i looked it up and you're right, my apologies. i thought the vita version would be open world like the ps3 and 360's version but it aint. quite disappointing.

GuruStarr782189d ago

Gamefly'd it... glad I did.