Japanese box art and new screens revealed for Okami HD

The official Japanese box art, as well as several new screens (including a few comparison shots between the Playstation 2 and Playstation 3 versions) has been revealed for Okami HD on Playstation 3.

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Mounce2101d ago

New boxart? Will it still be plagued with the IGN watermark? Lol

Silly Capcom.

showtimefolks2101d ago

day one no doubt about it so excited i hope they let us play with Move but also with regular controller

kingeo2101d ago

This is very beautiful,why we can't have that too?

delicia2101d ago

Yeah, it's a shame, really. That's why I'll get the japanese disc and the american download. Still, don't lose faith...

ZeroChaos2101d ago

Why is that site so hard to navigate that site for one picture. I couldn't find the box art until I searched google, you shouldn't make it so difficult to find!

--Onilink--2101d ago

lets hope this doesnt become the 3rd plataform where this game fails to sell. Its too good a game to have sold so poorly on the 2 most succesful home consoles in history

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