Watch Dogs Looks Mind-Blowing - New Screenshot Revealed

DSOGaming writes: "Ubisoft has revealed a new screenshot for its amazing and gorgeous looking third person action-adventure game, Watch Dogs. This new shot showcases the mind-blowing tech of the game engine, powering Watch Dogs. As we can see, textures are of a high resolution, specular and diffuse maps have been used properly, soft shadows and soft particles can be easily spotted, and the lighting system looks great. In addition, there is object motion blur, as well as a nice reflection system."

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christian hour2075d ago

And people still maintain its gonna looks this good on current consoles? Jog on!

Cannot wait for this game, if I don't have a good pc come release at least I have a friend who will :D

Here's hoping the pc version gets ported to nex gen consoles as a launch title :)

I dunno if I could play the gimped current gen console version if it doesnt look like this.

Abash2074d ago

If next gen is as close as sources have been saying then Ubisoft would be stupid to put this game on PS3/360 instead of next gen consoles

ardivt2074d ago

I also think that I will not be able to play the ps3/360 version of the game :/

egidem2074d ago

Of course you would!

It just won't look as pretty, that's all.

WeskerChildReborned2074d ago

Yea, they said it's coming current gen but i doubt they can bring those beautiful visuals on to 360 or PS3 well maybe PS3 but you wouldn't wanna make each port better than the other right? Would be awesome if they could those visuals on consoles though.

greenpowerz2074d ago (Edited 2074d ago )

"Well maybe PS3" LOL

You know how much RAM this game will be using. The GPU in PS3 will be begging, saying linear please! Come on, just a little *static* game design!

WeskerChildReborned2074d ago

@greenpowerz, i'm not saying that it would be a big difference compared to 360.

greenpowerz2074d ago

You made my day with that joke.

Thanks man I needed that :)

BrutallyBlunt2074d ago (Edited 2074d ago )


Big difference like all the other games that are available on each system? Tell us how many games actually look better on the Playstation 3 than they do on the XBOX360? Now list games on the XBOX360 that look better.

The two systems are so close to one another it's a waste of time to even compare the two. Yet after all these years here you are making silling console war messages.

Those who do care about getting the better verion will be getting it on the PC. It's only the kids that sit there and argue about the minimal differences between the Playstation 3 and XBOX360 versions and try and make them sound more drastic than they really are. Very few games actually have any difference to be worth talking about and if the XBOX360 does struggle it will be due to having to split the game on multiple disks, the visuals themselves will be very alike.

We have seen some bad ports on the Playstation 3 and we have seen very few on the XBOX360. So there's no use in starting some fanboy garbage long before the game even ships.

So do everyone a favor and stop making comments that have anything to do with the XBOX360, your whole post history is biased and not very informative to anyone who actually wants a reasonable response.

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LightofDarkness2074d ago

Yeah, if you look at the brick wall behind the railway line, the anisotropy on the textures is insane. You'd never be able to achieve that on consoles, only high end PCs could render a scene like that and still be playable. I reckon even my GTX 580 would struggle, simply because the 1.5GB of VRAM would quickly fill up with all that texture data.

ardivt2074d ago

wow I did not even see the textures. this looks insane!

egidem2074d ago

I also noticed the texture behind the railway, especially all the way to the top of the building. It looks very clear which equates to lots of Video memory to hold lots of texture data.

Now if people think that this game is gonna play and look just as good as on consoles, ha haha haa...

2074d ago
greenpowerz2074d ago (Edited 2074d ago )

Quality this high with an engine this advanced will still produce one of the best looking games on consoles. When BF3 was first shown, the world was excited because they knew the graphical prowess of the tech would still produce stellar console graphics. No one cares if devs show advanced tech on PC we can still be excited you know. WatchDogs can be dumbed down by half and still look better than 99.99% of games on consoles.

It's not just visuals turning heads with games like Watchdogs or past games like BF3. Game design, physics and concept equally play(ed) a part.

DeadIIIRed2074d ago

I can tell you that the game will look a whole lot better on my consoles than on my computer...mainly because my computer can't even handle solitaire anymore

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Walker2075d ago

Looks alot like GTA IV iCEnhancer Modes !

sonicsidewinder2074d ago

My mind has not blown up. The article title is a blatant lie.

Nice screenshot though.

-Gespenst-2074d ago

It doesn't look perfect, but for a game that's still in development, it looks insane. I don't think I'll get this for my Ps3, but I'll have to pray I'll be able to afford a Ps4...

XboxInnovation2074d ago

Ps4 will be last jack tretton said does this mean no ps4 watch dogs

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