New games coming to Vita, Real Boxing and Bright

Vivid brought us Speedball 2 on the PSP as a mini release, and has plenty more in the pipe. Coming TO the PSP is BMX Jam, and coming to the PS Vita is its iOS hit Real Boxing. But, not just a port, the visual quality has been significantly boosted according to the developers, it should be out by the end of the year.

Also coming the Vita's way is Bright, about which we know nothing, but from the image, I'd suggest it might be a light-based puzzle game of some kind.

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psp2roundup2129d ago

Editor won't let me add new tags, error page message... any ideas about that report ---->

SandWitch2129d ago

Try using different browser. Looks like N4G works better with Chrome, at least for me

123_3212128d ago

What the hell is wrong with N4G today?. It's not working properly.
It's driving me crazy/mad.

ddurand12128d ago

it wasnt working for me yesterday bt seems to be fullyfunctional now

house2128d ago

yeah it isn't working for me ether i had use chrome to even post or view different news boxes

GaryOak2128d ago

Same here.I can't agree,disagree or reply to comments.N4G better fix this or I'm getting the Dark Brotherhood on their asses.

live2play2128d ago

sadly not reason for me to get a vita yet :/

MasterCornholio2128d ago

If it had Mario you would.

Anyways it's always good to see new games come to the Vita. Sometimes these minis yield pleasant surprises like Velocity for example.


Hicken2128d ago

You wouldn't get a Vita regardless. If Uncharted, Unit 13, Rayman, Gravity Rush, Mortal Kombat, and MvC aren't enough, you're just not gonna get one. Stop trolling.

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