Gran Turismo Academy 2012 Clock Ticking to June 25th Deadline

With only four days left for racers to download the free game client via PSN, register, and race to record their official qualifying time, gamers and fans of Sony's Gran Turismo racing series will want to quickly get started before time officially runs out.

The announcement that the clock is ticking comes with a complete list of the reward cars that gamers will receive for putting in a qualifying time in each of the eight heats, as well as details about the Avatar Kit that is awarded for recording at least a Bronze Trophy for each of the eight heats -- Avatar kit that includes a custom GT Academy racing suit and helmet.

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BootyBandit2101d ago

I wish this would go on longer. I'm not trying to compete with the top drivers, they are simply just too good for me, would like to keep improving on my own lap times while competing with people on my friends list. We are all having a blast trying to one up each other.

Me-Time2101d ago

The game won't expire until March next year. I think you'll still be able to show each other's new fastest lap times.

BootyBandit2101d ago

That's good to know. Thanks Me-Time

Knushwood Butt2101d ago


There's only one other person on my friend list that logged times, and I beat all of them.

If you want someone to compete against, feel free to add me.

PSN - hanafuda

Just explain who you are first or I'll probably ignore the request.

hennessey862101d ago

is a joke, I downloaded one of the top players replays and its shocking how they are getting round the corners. Its taking advantage of GT5's shitty tire model. This is a comp to find a racing driver lol and they are allowing this glitch to go on. They should reset the times and force on ASM which would stop the sliding round corners.

Information Minister2101d ago

I'm sure the objectiveness of your opinion is in no way affected by your previous comment of "FORZA4>GT5". /s

CernaML2101d ago

He's just jelly that there is no way in hell he would ever make the top 30. :D

Let him bitch. In the end, there will only be one proper winner that will make a great addition to the Nissan team just like there is every year.