"Journey Compilation" Coming To PS3 | TheSixthAxis

TSA: "It’s now almost certain that whatever this “collection” is going to be is going to be on physical media, going off a now empty GameFly holding page dug up on Twitter. So, a Blu-ray pack of all of thatgamecompany’s releases?"

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gameman2191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )

Didn't get the game yet and i'm feeling sorry for myself

NukaCola2191d ago

Gentlemen Attention!

This is a must buy.

flOw is amazing.
Flower is unbelievable
Journey is unforgettable

Well they all three are ever so fantastic. I still can't decide whether I like Flower or Journey more though. They are both unlike anything I have played before.

ginsunuva2191d ago

What!? Then how are you still alive, knowing that you didn't play these games?

r212191d ago

sweet, getting all the games in one whole package is an awesome deal. however, im afraid i might be stuck on these pieces of art for too long :O like the time i said i'd only spend afew minutes on flow, turns out i had played for hours :I

TheLyonKing2191d ago

Cool all of thatgamecompany releases :D

I won't buy it cause I have all three of their games but will be a welcome addition for people who have not yet experienced their creative work.

LNDCalling2191d ago

Flower when I first played it blew me away.. it was, and remains, a breath of fresh air to the gaming industry!

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