Opinion: Why I Don't Want A "Next-Gen" Console | TheSixthAxis

TSA: "Maybe I’m just too old, but for me the next generation of consoles will be the worst one yet. I don’t want it – and in the next 1200 words or so, I’ll tell you why."

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Fishy Fingers2075d ago

Opinion: To many opinion pieces.

dericb112075d ago

Whenever a article says "I" it really is a waste since gaming is "We". If they don't want it don't buy it and save time by not writing about it to pull people to their side.

papasere2075d ago

yeh im with u wachdog infact iv reached my last console as well it took mi years bifore i left my p s 2 to go for the p s 3 thats it im done now

DoomeDx2075d ago

Im getting sick of that thumbnail picture
every 'Next gen' article uses this one.

jimmins2075d ago

Fine, I'll have yours and you can get back to playing Space Invaders. Everyone's happy.

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The story is too old to be commented.