Xbox LIVE Rewards Members get Spider-Man Movie Deal

The gnomes at Xbox LIVE are offering gamers who happen to be members of the Xbox LIVE Rewards program $10 off their ticket for the upcoming new Spider-Man movie when they rent one of the previous Spider-Man movies via Zune on the Xbox LIVE service.

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dazzrazz2075d ago

Oh boy, after decent 2nd installment and horrible 3rd one I don't think I even wanna think about going to see Sonys reboot at all

LightSamus2074d ago

Considering it's a reboot, your opinion of the Raimi films shouldn't really factor into it.

THC CELL2074d ago

Ms helping Sony again what's going on, btw this spider man is way better than the last and Emma stone hot hot hot,

Eiffel2074d ago (Edited 2074d ago )

Considering Sony and Microsoft are partners outside the game industry it's no real surprise. Sony's VAIO brand running on Windows OS exists, as much as fanboys would like to deny it.

In any case, it's a promotion that benefits them both.

skrug2074d ago

but really what other OS could Sony put on their Vaio? Linux? That's not mainstream enough. OSX? not going to happen.

nukeitall2074d ago (Edited 2074d ago )

Sony could make their own! Good luck with that though, even almighty Google made a pretty crappy product with Android and you clearly see the difference using iOS and Windows Phone.

My Kindle Fire crashes all the time, and doesn't have much installed on it with very light use as mostly an e-reader/music player.

People complain about Windows, but it is really by far the most user friendly OS around.

nukeitall2074d ago

I betcha, Sony uses Windows/Office in their offices and sell Windows computers! Xbox also provides, content from Sony which means MS is also benefiting. I'm pretty sure Sony will soon support Windows 8, that is most definitely helping Xbox due to the unified experience consumers will seek, which is a direct competitor.

Only idiotic companies leave money on the table, when it benefits all parties including businesses and consumers!

2pacalypsenow2074d ago

Sony And MS are not Rivals Sony Computer Entertainment and Microsoft Game studios are

360GamerFG2074d ago

I love me some spider-man, the second movie is my favourite movie of all time, 3rd one was a dud.
I hope this one is at least as good as the 1st.

Rampaged Death2074d ago

I hope this is eligible for UK folks as well !

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