New ACIII gameplay footage

On YouTube, a video appeared with gameplay footage from Assassin's Creed 3.

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PoSTedUP2129d ago

wow it looks Phenomenal. with a game of this magnitude i will not deduct points for the unimpressive AI but only point it out. day one buy!

guitarded772129d ago

I can't wait to see what they do with AC next gen... it really is an incredible franchise. The game has grown so much from the first title.

PoSTedUP2129d ago

yeah, also on the vita! it's my second/third most anticipated game on the vita. i need to get more into assassins creed now.

guitarded772129d ago (Edited 2129d ago )

For sure... I just got my Vita last Friday and can't believe the quality of some of the games for a handheld. Vita is the first handheld I've owned (I've played all, but never bought) since the first GameBoy. Vita really does offer a console experience on the go. AC, Killzone, Ragnarok and Little King are at the top of my list for Vita games.

PoSTedUP2129d ago

i know right the graphics are incredible, get Gravity Rush, this game alone will hold you off until the release of your list :). best most beautiful game this gen imo. my first handheld was a gamegear, and was hooked on them and the concept ever since. I am also really looking forward to Ragnarok, also Persona4Golden (#1), AC, and blackops.

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Hellsvacancy2129d ago (Edited 2129d ago )

Most of it looked awesome but the rest looked dumb, when you see him "hiding" from the guards he looks waaaaaaaaaay to obvious, just standing there, i know the guards are british (like me) but there not that dumb, they just walk straight past him, several times

Come on!?

Nimblest-Assassin2129d ago

Lol didn't you know? History has proven that the red coats were complete morons /s

Have you ever played an assassins creed? They have improved the stealth mechanics,also its not that obvious, I mean he just standed with a crowd and made it look like he was part of the conversation

Kurt Russell2128d ago

I'm with HV, looked great but he stands out a bit too much in the crowd.

Liefx2128d ago

Have you played it? No. Then you can't say GOTY.

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DeadSpaced2129d ago

I'm very impressed. Up until now, Assassin Creed games after the second one felt more like small updates to the gameplay. The story, however, always seemed to me like it was their strong points.

I see the return of assassin recruits, as well as plenty of free running improvements.

This is the Assassins Creed game I've been looking forward to. I'm glad to see it's finally arrived, more beautiful than I even expected.

Nimblest-Assassin2129d ago

I really like the new stuff you can do with the recruits, like make them act like soldiers, and you pretend to be the prisoner... awesome stuff. AC3 is looking amazing

theWB272129d ago

Love love love the animations. I only see this franchise as an infant. Next gen I see this thing taking off like very few. Beautiful fluidity. Awesome stuff.


Can someone please give me the link to the video on Youtube, i can't access the site :(

Nate-Dog2129d ago

Don't worry it's not new, just some of the WiiU footage shown at E3 ("Boston Massacre").

Electroshocked2129d ago

Exactly, I saw this about a week ago, this isn't exactly ''new'' gameplay footage, probably the newest, but unfortunately not new.

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