EA’s Origin Giving Away Free Games for One-Year Anniversary

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of Origin, EA is emailing its community codes good for a complimentary download of Spore, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, or Dragon Age: Origins (pun probably intended). The promotion expires this Saturday on June 23rd, so be sure not to miss out!

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TheMrFraz2096d ago

Of course our damn site crashed...Read the cached copy of the article for the content, sans pics: http://webcache.googleuserc... http://www.gamers-associati...

guitarded772096d ago

Link doesn't work and I don't see anything free on Origin.

SilentNegotiator2096d ago

Not worth having EA spyware.

Dir_en_grey2096d ago

Yeah seriously ppl, don't put this crap on your PC, not worth it.

aliengmr2096d ago

So Steam sales devalue IPs but Origin freebies don't?

Anyway, I'll wait for Steam summer sale.

konnerbllb2096d ago

I read the same article. The guy bashes steam for doing sales and says they are above that.

Next week.. free games on Origin! lol..

Moncole2096d ago

Its only if you live in the USA.

karlowma2096d ago

Boourns. I blame Quebec.

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