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GameSpot: "Pokemon Conquest’s fun setting and rewarding strategic elements are hampered by slow, overly simplistic combat."

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aviator1892072d ago

Ok, so this game gets a 9 on ign and a 6.5 on gamespot...that's a huge difference in scores between two well-known review sites. Anyways, I'll just try it out myself and see.

Wenis2072d ago

Guess which site got a gift basket from Nintendo

NonApplicable2072d ago

Was it gamespot? No wait! GiantBomb!

omarzy2071d ago

Gamespot is known for terrible reviews. Go to any review, and the entire comment page is bashing gamespot. The site is pretty much there for news since the reviews are not worth much.

RoyaleWC2072d ago

Slow combat? It's turn based strategy, it's meant to require more thought. If you like strategy RPG's with grid based movement, this game is fantastic. A lot of people just don't like these type of games.

Arnagrim2072d ago

What's up with GameSpot lately? Looks like they're taking a page from Edge and Destructoid and writing troll reviews to get hits. Skyward Sword got a 7.5, Gravity Rush got a 6.5, this got a 6.5, etc. I understand that reviews are completely subjective to the reviewer and those that read it, but come on.