The next Nintendo Direct is on June 22nd

The next Nintendo Direct broadcast will be held at 12:00pm on June 22nd (and remember, this is the time according to Japan’s time zone). There’s no word on what might be featured at the event, but maybe this where we’ll hear more about Animal Crossing?

Personally, any Animal Crossing information would make my day.

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Axonometri2041d ago

Full spec and further info for Wii U? How long can they play hide-n-seek if the launch is set for this holiday?

WeskerChildReborned2041d ago

Man i just want a release date so i could sleep in a cryogenic chamber till then.

Hisiru2041d ago

Sorry man, there will be no WiiU news. The site is saying it will be focused on 3DS/Wii/DS

Ashunderfire862041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

Why 4 disagrees lol!!!! He is stating the facts. Yeah what happen to the full specs and the price? They better show more of their first party games like Star Fox, Smash bro 4, Zelda, Metroid, and something to let us forget the disastrous Nintendo Presentation at E3!!!

WeskerChildReborned2041d ago

N4G is the mysterious place where people get unnecesarry disagrees sometimes.

Axonometri2041d ago

Some peeps just love to hate and disagree.

live2play2041d ago

4 disagrees because intelligent people KNOW nintendo NEVER gives out detailed specs... NEVER

and release date and price for the WII 3DS were given in september and now with WIIU

smash bros 4 really? when they JUST started even talking about it. that game wont be out earlier than 2014 prolly near 2015

a zelda? skyward sword JUST came out. LoZ games take YEARS to be made

seriously people do not use their brains here

live2play2041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

its WII and 3DS ONLY
not wii u

and nintendo NEVER cares about giving out full detailed specs on any occasion

its usually digital foundry that stips the system and gives it the rundown

and nintendo NEVER gives full details until 2-3 months before release

and we are half a year away!

000012041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

i was wondering when another Nintendo direct would be coming out. i feel like they might follow up with the general questions people may have had right after E3 like Nintendo land, controller use outside of gaming, and possibly more functionality.

HalfNerdHalfAmazing2041d ago

If Nintendo want everyone to forget E3 show us the specs and impress us announce a hd Zelda remake and show us what retro studio is working on I don't think that too much to ask for

fossilfern2041d ago

I hope they show a few games we haven't seen before! I was disappointed at Nintendis E3 so I'm hope for more WiiU games!

Metroid or Zelda anyone?

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The story is too old to be commented.