Halo 4: Promethean Crawler Animation

The initial idea for the Crawler came from a desire to add something fresh to the Halo sandbox.

343 Industries hit upon the quadruped design early on, and that visual design drove their behavior.

Their movement is based off familiar quadrupeds like wolves, with a little bit of insect mixed in. See for yourself:

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aviator1891978d ago

Pretty awesome animation. Props to the 343i animation team.

greenpowerz1978d ago

Looks like these are going to annoying and challenging when these things come at you in numbers judging by the animations. Rewarding though.

snowman21491978d ago

halo 4 looks awesome and cant wait for it but...Promethean,really? why not just call them Forerunner Synthetics??

cl19831978d ago

You do realize that Bungie used the term Promethean back when the created halo.

ARC35821978d ago

Prometheans are the the highest rank of warrior class in the forerunners. Calling them forerunner AI would be sorta like calling the ancient Spartan warriors "Greek soldiers".

Biohazard88601978d ago

Its kinda cute in a weird way :p lol looks awesome cant wait to play halo 4