It’s a Contradiction: UFC and EA’s Partnership

KJ of Play Legit writes "At this year’s E3, Dana white announced that EA Sports has bought THQ out of their license to design UFC games. If you can recall a few years ago, Dana approached EA to do UFC titles, but back then they shut him down."

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Hufandpuf2188d ago

I was pretty surprised too, but since THQ is in a tough spot now, I think its for the best.

JellyJelly2187d ago

This is great news for gamers. We will get a UFC game that plays like EA MMA, which in my opinion is the best MMA game out there.

nolifeking2187d ago

As long as they don't use the same fight system from their last game I'll be mildly impressed with these turn of events.

vortis2187d ago

This bothered me, too.

Dana White even said he would fire guys who appeared in EA Sport's MMA, yet here he was up on the stage gloating about an exclusive deal with EA. I guess he forgave and forgot?

And at the time, let's not forget EA said they didn't want to do a UFC game because it wasn't real MMA.

Soldierone2187d ago

Money talks. I don't think money has a bigger talking head than Dana White....the guys full of it. Same with EA. They had to market their game somehow and what route did they take? "Well we have real MMA, who needs UFC?"

Soldierone2187d ago

Personally I liked THQ's style more. EA's visually looked good and it worked well at times, but I remember EVERY single match went to the ground game and it was boring as hell to me. Then again this is why I won't watch UFC anyways, I hate the ground game....I'd rather play a boxing game.

For EA's MMA I remember you played on normal and it would be all about punches and kicks, then once you turned it on hard it was the AI tackling you to the ground constantly and all you did was smash buttons or something to get out of it.

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