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Amir of Play Legit Writes "The campaign is too short, plain and simple yes lots of killing but story wise this is the abridged version of a murderous zombie killing book."

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maddfoxx2188d ago

This game is kinda like Heavenly Sword for me. Interesting characters and gameplay, but the game is just too short. Everyone should play it, but its length doesn't warrant the $60 price tag.

killerhog2188d ago

no, sorry to say its not just the 'price tag', its the bad story, the lack of innovation compare to what other games in the genre do, the lack of replayability, lack of innovation in the gameplay.

DeleteThisxx2188d ago


This games awesome. Screw you all.


maddfoxx2186d ago

1. Its a high school cheerleader killing zombies with a chainsaw and her boyfriends decapitated head. How much more innovation.

2. Its a beat em up game. . . have you ever played one? There is no way you can make it anymore innovative because you're just button mashing the entire time.

3. The story isnt bad, its just cheesy, and thats the kinda feel the developers were going for. Just like Killer 7 and No More Hoers, this game is destined to become a cult hit.