EA giving away free games through Origin

In celebration of its Origin PC gaming service achieving the one-year mark, Electronic Arts is giving away one of three select full-version PC games to current Origin members.

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Tuxmask552099d ago

Yeah, but the games are old.

Fragger2k82098d ago

If you think those games are old, you must have just started playing games this gen.

chaldo2098d ago

you know what I like? Since yesterday, the promo code has been invalid. EA, you rock!

TheLeapist2098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )

@chaldo I like that this article lists a game as Battlefield 2: Bad Company. There is no game with that title. So what is it? Battlefield 2, Battlefield: Bad Company, or Battlefield: Bad Company 2?

I'm placing my bet that he meant the last one.

Bobby Kotex2098d ago

I'm not infecting my system with Origin.

chukamachine2098d ago

but you infect your system with steam?

BF3 is best on PC.

Blacktric2098d ago

According to who? The premium users who have access to overpowered weapons? Or the hackers who are managing to get away by being a little bit smart and only using hacks like auto-spot that cannot be tracked?

Soldierone2098d ago

Free? Well I don't have spore yet so might as well!

Kran2098d ago

I dont have BC2 so. Yeah. I know what im getting.

swat_teem2098d ago

spore is fun you will have a great time with it

konnerbllb2098d ago

I thought the EA exec said they aren't "target", they are "nordstrom". Nordstrom doesn't give away free stuff.

SeekDev2098d ago

If they are Nordstrom, then this free stuff isn't free. They must be getting us in some way, but how? I shall don my thinking cap and ponder the matter.

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The story is too old to be commented.