What Would Make A PlayStation Fan Buy The Xbox 720?

The new Xbox might be ready to go next spring. If you're an avid PlayStation fan, what will convince you to buy Microsoft's next-gen console?

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Snookies122131d ago (Edited 2131d ago )

If it's done by someone other than Microsoft. For me at least, the only reason I no longer support them is because of what Microsoft does. I have nothing against the system itself, just the company behind it... Not to say Sony isn't doing really stupid things, but at least they seem to care about their customers in some small ways. When I owned both my 360's Microsoft never did anything to make me feel happy that I owned an Xbox.

The things that made me happy with it were a few of the games, Halo, Worms, Forza, etc. The fact that a lot of my friends had an account, and the radio app that was kind of neat though not really necessary.

ChickeyCantor2131d ago (Edited 2131d ago )

They care about their relationship with the consumer. Not the consumer it self.

MS took millions worth of loss with their RRoD. Does this mean they care for their consumer? Hell nah. They only care for maintaining their market.

If you made less of a conspiracy out of it, you might actually enjoy product X with exclusive game Y.

You can always buy their "720" second hand. If not, doesn't matter, as long you are enjoying your games.

Snookies122131d ago

Well, it's not that I wouldn't want their next console... I don't even mind paying them for it. I just want them to do some things to help me feel like I'm not just some open wallet they only want to drain and throw out afterwards...

Hellsvacancy2131d ago (Edited 2131d ago )

"What Would Make A PlayStation Fan Buy The Xbox 720?"

I wont ever buy a 360/720, i hate Microsoft, big bunch of corrupt greedy Americans, just like most other American companies out there (Monsanto for example) trying to control everything

Im not saying Sony are angels, but they are when compared to anything that comes out of (lets pat ourselves on the back) "America"

pandaboy2131d ago (Edited 2131d ago )

That's just capitalism. I don't care, as long as Microsoft release a quality product with good value they are more likely to get my money. The 360 is a really poor product though, poor hardware at release and very few top exclusive games(no good exclusive games in my opinion). I can't imagine anyone other than 15 year old american kids playing xbox because it's the 'cool kidz' console where you get to cuss at other kids on xbox live.

I think people here on n4g see me as a sony hater, that's not true, I'm just a sony fanboy hater and so I'm sure to point out where sony fail and Microsoft succeed in their business strategy.

dubt722130d ago (Edited 2130d ago )

I hate Sony. Their years and years of arrogance did it for me. People say, but you're Japanese, and I say who cares. Their cockiness is their downfall. I can't wait til they're gone...

Also, today's world is America...and everything else is its suburbs. USA!

WeskerChildReborned2130d ago

Yea, Sony seem's to show their loyalty to their customers by making quality games and alot of other stuff. Next gen, i'm most likely buying a Playstation over Xbox.

remanutd552131d ago

a non shooter experience i can't get on a playstation console, Alan Wake almost made me go buy an xbox 360 but then i tried the game for about an hour and i thought it wasnt worth buying the system for but if microsoft comes out with a game that catch my attention then i will most likely get the system and same goes to the wii u because this time around Zelda alone wont do the trick.

Octo12131d ago (Edited 2131d ago )

Games. Games that I will care about. I've been a Playstation owner since the release of the PS1. The reason I've stuck with the Playstation is due to I can get games that I can only get on Playstation. I admit I did dig gears and I do want to play GoW3 but thats about the only game the 360 has that makes me want to get a 360. The 720 or what ever it is that MS is going to be calling it will have to have games, compelling games that will make me want to get their console. We all know the state of MS first party studio development and we all know how Sony is doing in that department. Looking forward to the next gen, I know that Sony will have something that will make me want to continue to with the Playstation brand.
This gen Sony was the 2nd console of choice for 3rd party games largely due to the PS3 difficult architecture resulting to an "inferior" version of most 3rd party games.
As we all know Sony clearly does not want this to happen again with the PS4 which is why they will be ditching the cell so the whole "3rd party games are better on MS console" argument will be irrelevant. Exclusives will in fact still matter next gen.

CaptainSheep2131d ago

Haha, being a fanboy, I'd say NOTHING. Not even if it got new IPs and awesome games, I still wouldn't buy it. I'm just too much in love with Sony and PlayStation. :/

NastyLeftHook02131d ago

If it came with games im interested in,

If the system does not break alot.

If the online is free.

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