Sex sells, but women and videogames deserve better

PSU writes: "The narrative direction of Crystal Dynamic's Tomb Raider reboot has proven to be great kindle for a raging Internet fire. A young, vulnerable Lara Croft is faced with a world that wants to break her down by any means necessary, including sexual violence. Lara must fend off rape, and no matter how much back-pedaling Crystal Dynamics attempts, the way her captors reach for her backside is all the proof we need."

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DaThreats2130d ago

This is getting way out of hand. I guess its ok for movies to do it but not games.

paybackprahl2130d ago

It's worth reading the entire article. The author talks at length about the relationship between film and games, and acknowledges that there is a place for every type of game - including Lollipop Chainsaw and the orig. Tomb Raider.

Kratoscar20082129d ago

There is place for this game too.

It makes me mad that there is a lot of people that want the games to be more hollywood esque media and when a game like this point towards that, it gets bashed.

you clearly state that this game doesnt have place in the gaming world so as Dathreats says Hipocrisy.

NastyLeftHook02130d ago

Your right, Sex does sell ;)

AusRogo2129d ago

Get the fuck over it! This has gone way too long.

Kratoscar20082129d ago

I dont get the Fuss, Women get raped around the world and its showed in movies and books, how something that actually happens couldnt happened to Lara, those are villians not little teddie bears.

WeskerChildReborned2129d ago

Yes, we've known sex sells for quite a bit now.

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The story is too old to be commented.